5 ways brands connected to Ramadan 2021 in Indonesia

Ramadan is one of the biggest cultural moments in Indonesia, and Twitter is a great place for brands looking to connect to the occasion.

Twitter is the place where the Ramadan conversations come alive. By listening and responding to the hopeful and positive sentiments of Indonesians, brands can create meaningful connections with the audience during the holy month.

Here are some great Ramadan campaigns from 2021 as inspiration for your upcoming Ramadan campaigns this year. 

1. Connect to key Ramadan themes that are most meaningful to Indonesians

Campaign: XL Paket Akrab #IniCaraKita
Brand: @myXL

Telecommunications continue to help people navigate through the pandemic. For the #IniCaraKita campaign by @myXL, the brand wanted to highlight how to share moments of togetherness with family. The campaign focuses on key themes during Ramadan, such as family time and the importance of staying connected. 

One of the key highlights of the campaign was how the brand organically kickstarted the conversation around #IniCaraKita 3 days before Ramadan to tap on the anticipation surrounding the holy month.

During the launch, @myXL tapped on Image Ads to ensure mass awareness. The campaign also leveraged on Website card to drive down-funnel action.

Campaign: Ramadan Sale campaign
Brand: @LazadaID

Another example was the Ramadan Sale campaign by @LazadaID

During Ramadan 2021, Lazada Indonesia connected to Indonesia's biggest moment and to the culture of giving with a mega Ramadan Sale campaign. Part of the campaign includes the launch of an online shopping center called Lazada Amanah to meet the needs of Muslims. Lazada also partnered with Twitter Indonesia to bring to life the idea of how meaningful Ramadan is for Indonesians.

Lazada was able to address the needs of Indonesians who were focused on celebrating a meaningful Ramadan while reiterating the concept of #YakinLebihBerarti campaign.

2. Stay top-of-mind by kickstarting your Ramadan campaign early

Campaign: #BerkahUntukSemua 
Brand: @SyariahLinkAja

As conversations around the holy month were beginning to pick up; Link Aja Syariah, a finance app, launched the #BerkahUntukSemua campaign one month before Ramadan. 

By leveraging Twitter's Takeover solutions, @SyariahLinkAja doubled down to achieve mass awareness amongst its target audience. Pairing the video creative with a Website card, @SyariahLinkAja drove down-funnel action to visit the site to download the app.

3. Connect to your audience’s passion points

Campaign: Shopee Big Ramadan Sale
Brand: @ShopeeID

Shopee’s Big Ramadan Sale was a massive one. From running multiple discounts to ensuring an always-on presence on Twitter, the brand was able to stay top of mind throughout Ramadan. The months-long campaign was launched in various phases to cater to the different conversations happening.

The key takeaway from this campaign was how they were able to repeatedly connect to cultural moments and Indonesians’ passion points during Ramadan: 

Connecting to hype around entertainment: Shopee Indonesia tapped on the hype around hit show “Ikatan Cinta” (Love Ties) starring Al and Andin as the main characters. Coming to Twitter, the brand wanted to drive conversations towards the telecast of the show. The campaign started by teasing the audience with a Twitter Poll to encourage engagement around the brand and the campaign. Shopee tapped on Twitter's Takeover and drove traffic to their site by leveraging Website Card to drive down-funnel action.

Connecting to the K-pop community: ​​Shopee also connected to the K-pop audience by inviting K-pop idols to their show. To drive awareness, they promoted video greetings from the stars.

Connecting to key moment: With Hari Bangga Buatan Indonesia coinciding with Ramadan, Shopee took the opportunity to connect with the key moment with their #ShopeePilihLokal (Shopee chooses local) campaign. Shopee launched a promotional campaign that offered savings to those who purchased local brands.

4. Inspire your audience by giving back to the community

Campaign: #RamadanBersamaAQUA 2021
Brand: @sehatAQUA

While it is important to connect with your audience around their favourite topics, let’s not forget the essence of the holy month which is giving back to the community. Brands that actively take part in charity initiatives and share them on Twitter can expect to build deeper connections with the audience.  

Known for starting many positive conversations and movements on Twitter in Indonesia, AQUA (@sehatAQUA) ran the #RamadanBersamaAQUA campaign and invited Twitter audiences to share their most memorable Ramadan moments. For every Tweet, @sehatAQUA made a donation to support those in need.

5. Go bigger and continue to innovate to drive engagement

Campaign: #SilaturahmiTanpaHenti Virtual Concert 
Brand: @im3ooredoo

IM3 Ooredoo continues to innovate in many ways during Ramadan. In the second year of partnership with Twitter for a virtual “Collabonation”, @im3ooredoo wanted to further elevate the concert experience for fans.

With a higher production value of the show as everyone could perform together in a studio, @im3ooredoo live-streamed the concert and tapped into a suite of Twitter products to ensure they connected to the key moment in a big way:

  • The campaign used Branded Hashtags to supercharge conversations around the campaign

  • Amplified the conversations around the campaign by allow listing the show's headliners through Influencer Allowlisting

  • Drove engagements through Twitter Polls 

IM3 Ooredoo also tapped Twitter Spaces that was hosted by the concert's frontliners. They were the first brand in Southeast Asia to tap on this innovative solution. The format gave fans the opportunity to be up close and personal with the artists, which drove hype and conversation leading up to the show.

By using multiple ad formats or trying out new formats, brands can expect to drive engagement amongst the target audience.

Planning for Ramadan 2022

By understanding the 5 phases of conversations during the Ramadan period, brands have the opportunity to pick and choose the right moments to implement the launch strategy for their Ramadan campaigns. By leading the conversations during each of these moments, brands are more likely to stand out.

For more Ramadan insights and solutions for your upcoming campaigns, check out our Ramadan 2022 Insights report or you can reach out to the Twitter team at

March 16, 2022
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