Here’s how we’re making a safer Twitter

From policies to products to partnerships, we’re making Twitter a safer place for both people and brands. 

When it comes to brand safety, the work is never done. Ensuring a safer Twitter for all requires proactive, people-based thinking — policies that lead, products that protect, and partnerships that drive industry-wide change.

Here’s how we’re committed to making a better and safer Twitter.

With policies that lead.

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) was created to improve digital safety and the health of the media ecosystem. As part of this work, they’ve created an industry-wide standard for what is considered brand safe. 

Thanks to our protective Brand Safety Policy in place, every one of the 455K monetized Twitter Amplify Pre-roll videos sampled met GARM’s high standards.

Many social media platforms are intent on debunking misinformation. But Twitter proactively invests in pre-bunking this content by promoting authoritative, credible sources for public health and election information. We believe that addressing sparks early on is better than putting fires out.

With products that protect.

We believe advertisers should feel confident about where their brand appears. So we apply both automated and manual systems to keep ads away from sensitive media, and every video in our Amplify Pre-roll inventory is reviewed by an actual person before it’s ever monetized.

As a brand, you have the power to control your campaign’s Twitter presence through placement settings for opting out of search and profiles, so your ad runs where you intend. 

​​When it comes to safety, we’re always trying new things. With Birdwatch, for example, we’re giving the greater community the ability to clarify misleading Tweets. We believe this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misleading information spreads, adding context that people trust and find valuable.

And with partnerships that matter.

We’re only as strong as the partnerships we make along the way. And right now, the company we keep for sustaining a better Twitter remains just as determined as we are in giving people and brands a safe environment for sharing their voice. 

Of course, brands shouldn’t have to take our word for any of this. We’ve committed to audits across all four of the Media Rating Council’s Accreditation Service focus areas including Viewability, Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Filtration, Audience Measurement, and Brand Safety. Because trust and transparency go hand-in-hand, and the people and brands on Twitter deserve both. 

Our policies, products and partnerships are helping us make progress toward ensuring brand safety, but this is a long journey and it’s far from over. As Twitter grows and conversations become more robust, we have to work even harder to innovate and adapt to the world around it. This is a commitment we’ve made, and we’re sticking to so we can create a safer Twitter for all.

Want to learn more? Check out our perspective here.

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