Case Study

Mobile live-streaming app Bigo Live builds a strong following of avid fans on Twitter

Key results

trend impressions in Indonesia

engagement rate in Malaysia

increase in followers

The opportunity

Bigo Live (@BIGOLIVEapp) — a mobile live-streaming app — is all about community, connecting millions of users across Asia and the world. Bigo Live wanted to focus on building its brand by building up its follower community on Twitter, and to become a familiar name to influential tech users in Southeast Asia – specifically in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The strategy

“Have you ever thought what you really want to do before getting ‘old’?” This is what @BIGOLIVEapp asked its customers. With the Promoted Trend #BeforeIGetOld, the brand encouraged young users to share their goals and dreams. First View, featuring Promoted Video, set Bigo Live prominently in users’ feeds, driving awareness of the app in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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Find a hashtag that speaks to your market.

Bigo Live selected a hashtag that resonated strongly with its target audience: young users of mobile devices. #BeforeIGetOld appealed to young people who wanted to be out experiencing life and sharing those moments with their friends.


Engage influencers to build your brand.   

Because a large percentage of young, tech-savvy people use Twitter, it was the ideal platform on which to run the campaign. Brand-building campaigns tend to do well on Twitter because they engage community influencers, who then spread the message onwards.


Use compelling video to capture attention.

Bigo Live’s video content showed young, attractive people going about their lives — with the app documenting moments for friends and followers. The aspirational content inspired viewers to imagine themselves in the stars’ places, and follow the brand.

The success

Bigo Live’s #BeforeIGetOld campaign dominated Twitter for two days in Malaysia and Indonesia, and many users enthusiastically joined in. In Indonesia, the hashtag achieved 3.9 million trend impressions, with a 3.5% engagement rate. Malaysia’s trend impression numbers were over 700,000, and achieved an engagement rate of 4.3%. The brand more than doubled its follower numbers by the end of the campaign, with a 110% increase. Bigo Live credits Twitter’s capacity to target and reach the ideal audience with the campaign’s success.

The ability to reach such a massive, premium audience with First View and Twitter helped the Bigo Live app stand out in a crowded market. Combining this with our ongoing Mobile App Promotion campaign has contributed to our brand’s awareness and popularity.

Tiffany Zhou, Marketing Manager, Bigo Live Broadcasting

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