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Bleach Soul Rising drives mobile app installs via Video Ads

Key Results


app installs


The opportunity:

Bleach Soul Rising (@Bleach_SR) is a mobile MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) based on the popular anime series Bleach. 

Gaming inspires more than a billion tweets each year and is one of the most popular topics. Gamers come to Twitter for news about their favourite titles, as well as upcoming announcements - making it the perfect platform to engage gamers in Japan.

The strategy:

Engaging Meetsocial Group allowed Chinese game developer Kunlun Group to leverage on the knowledge, expertise and best practices of an established agency partner of Twitter. They knew they had to turn to Twitter in generating buzz, building awareness for the launch and connecting with Japan’s gaming community. 

The KPIs for the campaign were impressions, pre-registration numbers and app downloads. Meetsocial Group proposed the following Twitter advertising solutions: Promoted Account, Promoted Video & App Card to increase awareness and allow users to easily install the game on their mobile device.

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  • Japan


Create anticipation of the new game launch.

In the pre-launch period, a variety of ad formats (Follower Ads and Video Ads) were used to gain new followers and create anticipation for the game which will be launching in due course.



Launch with a bang

Bleach_SR launched with a full brand video to drive app install of the new game.



Maintain the momentum

Drive further engagements and conversations by enticing followers with unique and limited items in the game as prizes via contests and lottery.

The success:

Engaging Meetsocial Group allowed Kunlun Group to use the knowledge, expertise and best practices of an established Twitter partner to connect with Japan’s gaming community. 

Bleach Soul Rising generated a total of 450 million impressions and 500,000 pre-registration during the pre-registration phase. Upon launch, another 100 million impressions were generated. The game was installed over 40,000 times. 

There are so many common features between gamers and Twitter’s audience. They are really open to this kind of messaging, and Twitter users are receptive. We generated tens of thousands of registrations prior to the game launch. We can very quickly reach target customers and engage with them, for a relatively low level of investment.

Charles Shen, Founder & CEO, Meetsocial Group

Solutions Used

Launch something new with video

Break through and raise awareness – fast. Reach your audience at the right moment: when they’re most receptive to ads.

Expanding reach

Reach your most valuable audience at scale when it matters most.

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