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Five young media planners are on their way to #TweetToTheTop with these creative ideas

"Are you ready to #TweetToTheTop?"

That’s what we asked more than 300 young media professionals when they were inducted into #TweetToTheTop, Twitter’s digital education programme dedicated to upskill media planners in Asia Pacific.

Talents who prove their skills across strategy, insights, and creativity will have the chance to attend Cannes 2018.

To begin, participants were asked to respond to one of three topics from a social challenge brief curated by Jayanta Jenkins, Twitter's global creative director:

  • Increase women’s participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)

  • Increase awareness of Filipinos to prepare for disasters and emergencies

  • Increase awareness for people to access safe water in Indonesia

Here are the five best-in-class ideas that impressed our judges:

1. ‎‎#GiveHope to the Philippines

By Charlotte Martin, (‎‎‎‎‎@chardaisymartin), MediaCom Australia

Executed in three pillars — #Educate#Awareness, and #Act — the campaign looks to establish #GiveHope as a universally recognised sign to help those in need, especially to protect and restore hope in communities in the Philippines during the typhoon season through Twitter.

#Educate aims to educate Filipinos before disasters strike. Twitter solutions such as Conversational Video, Direct Messages, and Direct Message Cards will be used to spread knowledge about how to stay safe. A ‘Digital Neighbourhood Watch’ programme will be created under #Awareness, allowing communities to be alerted and mobilised through peer-to-peer Twitter account takeovers. The last pillar, #Act, is a fundraising activity that encourages Australians to support communities in the Philippines.

2. ‎‎#100%AirBersihTruckTour — bringing safe water to Indonesia

By Yohendro Kliwandono, (‎‎‎@yohendro), PHD Media Indonesia

Due to limited public education on safe water, sanitation, and hygiene matters, as well as its socioeconomic diversity, Indonesia still faces severe challenges in providing safe water to some of its communities. The #100%AirBersihTruckTour campaign aims to address this issue and to raise public awareness about the importance of safe and clean water. 

The campaign will be led by water trucks carrying 12 high-profile influencers going around Indonesia to provide clean water to local communities, reach out to local communities, and share knowledge on safe water and good hygiene practices. Participants can get the trucks to visit their communities by Tweeting the #100%AirBersihTruckTour hashtag.

3. @SheStems — driving Indian women to join STEM industries

By Roohani Nayyar, (‎‎@FuelJhadi), PHD Media India

Women are not often seen as scientists, engineers, or mathematicians in India, and this has led some women to choose to forgo their careers in STEM to attain better work-life balance.

To counter this misconception, the campaign will start by creating a @SheSTEMs Twitter handle to start the conversation on the ongoing gender biases that women face when it comes to professional career choices. Powered by inspiring imagery and hashtags (e.g., #LetHerCode), the campaign will tie up with powerful women’s voices to share the importance of STEM through @SheSTEMs. A Twitter mentor programme, #MentorHerForward, will also be created, where girls can Tweet to @SheSTEMs certified mentors with questions.

4. #LigtasPinas — unlocking safe Philippines

By Jillian Gamboa, (‎‎‎@jilliaannn), Maxus Philippines

Situated in the most tropical cyclone-prone waters on earth, the Philippines rarely escapes a year without experiencing a devastating typhoon. The #LigtasPinas campaign was conceptualised to increase awareness among Filipino people to prepare for disasters and emergency situations, including typhoons, through Twitter.

Based on the hashtag #LigtasPinas (which translates to ‘Safe Philippines’), the campaign will focus on driving public awareness and action through social influencers who will give tips on what to do before, during, and after a typhoon, in partnership with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. Videos featuring these influencers will be produced, each demonstrating how people should prepare for an upcoming disaster. Videos will be produced in local languages to reach all Filipinos. Additionally, followers of these influencers can get more tips and information via Instant Unlock Cards.

5. #WeArePreparedPH — preparing the Philippines for emergencies and disasters

By Andrea Lim, (‎‎@andrea_limsh), OMD Singapore

If every household in the Philippines is prepared to deal with emergencies and disasters, the whole nation will be stronger when disaster strikes. Using the hashtag #WeArePreparedPH, this campaign aims to provide Twitter users a community, through the Twitter platform, where they can get information on how to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Through engaging parenting influencers, parents will be encouraged to Tweet their tips on and share what they do to be ever-ready. A nomination system will also be in place, where influencers and their fans can nominate their peers to share their own tips. Eventually, users who need easy-to-follow solutions for emergencies and disasters will simply need to search #WeArePreparedPH to access an abundance of tips.

Editor's note: These creative ideas are currently in the incubation phase. Stay tuned to see who will #TweetToTheTop and make it to Cannes 2018!

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