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How BMW used Twitter to effectively reach out to millennials during the launch of its 2 Series Grand Coupe

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While making a debut in the entry-level luxury sedan space in India, with the launch of its 2 Series Gran Coupe in Oct 2020, BMW sought to woo millennials. The German automobile manufacturer used Twitter to complement its broader media plan and reach out more effectively to its target audience for this model.


BMW wanted to surprise auto fans with the unexpected and the campaign was crafted to be fun and provocative. Rolled out in three phases, it included short, captivating teaser videos, an Emoji Engine to build anticipation, First View and Spotlight - which combined together to drive higher ad recall, and the Video Website Card, which led them to learn more about the car and potentially scheduling an appointment to see it.

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Teasers with a twist

BMW’s main goal during this tease phase was to build a conversation around the luxe-yet-affordable 2 Series Gran Coupe and encourage people to find out about the new features in a fun way.

Although BMW used multiple ad formats, the highlight of this phase was the Emoji Engine, a first-of-its-kind in the auto category. One simple click on the call-to-action button returned a pre-populated Tweet prompt featuring the car, which could be customized and shared.



All-day long brand exposure

On the day of the launch, BMW took over Twitter, using First View and Spotlight. This enabled the premium auto manufacturer to maximize brand exposure, delivering a mix of first video impressions along with additional impressions throughout the day.



Retargeting the potential customers

Retargeting the already engaged audience, BMW reinforced their message by delivering additional information to people who had engaged with their ad. This enabled sustained awareness of the vehicle while moving people down the funnel, using ad products like the Website Card.

The Success

The campaign was exceptionally well-received with over 17M impressions, 300K Tweet engagements, and 6.4M video views. According to the brand survey study done at the launch, the ad recall was over 23%. The BMW Emoji Engine alone clocked 2.61M impressions, 87K engagements, and an engagement rate of 3.2%, which is 52% higher than the industry benchmark. 

Essentially, the single-minded and consistent messaging with visual imagery that leveraged the brand equity, across the campaign, drove higher awareness, ad recall, and favorability for the automobile maker.

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