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#EveryGirlMatters: How Nanhi Kali led with purpose to raise awareness around girl child education

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The opportunity

Homework, classroom, education — for many girls across India, these words are still a distant reality. Mahindra Rise (@MahindraRise), through their @NanhiKali project, wanted to draw attention to this issue and spread awareness about the importance of educating girls.

With its leaned-in and receptive audience, Twitter is the best place to launch a purpose-driven message and get people talking, empowering brands to make a meaningful, lasting impact, and enabling conversations that matter. Beyond all the campaigns, today’s consumers expect more from brands than just selling products. They prefer and identify with brands that reflect their values and beliefs. @NanhiKali thus partnered with Twitter to start a conversation around girl child education in India.

The strategy

Embracing the idea of bringing audiences’ attention to a cause, a message, and contributing back to society, the brand’s campaign focused on ensuring that Twitter’s active audience connected with the issue and was actively mobilized around #EveryGirlMatters.

@NanhiKali combined evocative story-telling with Twitter’s reach and variety of ad products across the campaign cycle that provided the ideal solution for the campaign and helped raise awareness and boost audience engagement.

Here’s how the brand sensitised Twitter’s audience on this issue:

  • Expanding Reach
  • India
  • Case Study
  • Creative Canvas
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Create Engagement
  • Audience Targeting


Tapping into cultural moments to spread awareness

The period around International Women’s Day invites thought-provoking conversations and empowering actions. Seizing the momentum around these key moments, @NanhiKali kicked off its campaign, allowing the brand to establish a connection between its message and the conversations happening in real time.




Maximising impact through Takeover products

To keep the campaign message top-of-mind, @NanhiKali spotlighted #EveryGirlMatters via Timeline Takeover and Trend Takeover. In addition to increasing campaign visibility, this helped to build interest and generate discussion around this cause.




Driving conversations with creative video assets

There’s no denying the impact of a compelling video asset. For #EveryGirlMatters, the brand, through a powerful video, shared The Tale of 2 Lajjos, which highlighted the need for continued advocacy for girl child education and tugged on people’s heartstrings.




Encouraging action through Conversation Cards

To engage its audience in tangible ways, the brand used Conversation Cards, which prompted people on Twitter to Tweet out their support through a Conversation Button#EveryGirlMatters. Audiences also had the option to donate. This helped @NanhiKali to not only reinforce its campaign message but also motivate people to give to this cause.


The Success

@NanhiKali’s purpose-driven campaign captured the hearts of people on Twitter, with the campaign’s overall impressions amounting to 19.1M. The brand’s creative assets resonated with the engaged audience, generating 2.5M video views and 192K engagements.

The campaign’s sensitive messaging around girl child education was very well-received and the #EveryGirlMatters campaign by @NanhiKali saw the highest impression in the social cause category. In fact, the hashtag #EveryGirlMatters accounted for a 92% positive and neutral sentiment, leading to a hike in positive brand sentiment.

Now, that’s one powerful way of highlighting that every ‘Nanhi Kali’ matters!

"The core purpose of the Mahindra brand is to drive positive change to empower communities so that they ‘rise’. Nanhi Kali is proof of our purpose in action. It is where girls learn that they matter.

In a world where there is so much content clutter, we wanted to make sure that #EveryGirlMatters generates maximum salience for our cause. Twitter played a vital role in kickstarting the same with a boom. The First View plus Promoted Trend garnered 19.1M+ impressions with its day-long, pan-India visibility, which is an industry benchmark in the social cause category. Great content on the right platform can truly touch the right chords."

Asha Kharga, (@ashakharga1), Chief Customer and Brand Officer, Mahindra Group

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