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Confetti, creativity, and conversations: How OnePlus India made fans feel included at the launch of its new flagship OnePlus 10T

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The opportunity

Product launches help brands to make a splash and generate buzz amongst their target audience. For OnePlus India (@OnePlus_IN), the launch of its new flagship phone, #OnePlus10T, was particularly special as it was also the brand’s first on-ground event after almost three years. 

The brand thus wanted to do something memorable yet innovative to ensure that its fans also felt included in the launch. But how could @OnePlus_IN involve its online community in this offline celebration? The brand soon found its answer on Twitter.

With its community of passionate users, expansive reach, and potential for high visibility, Twitter offers brands an exciting platform to launch new offerings from. For the premiere event, the brand leveraged Twitter’s vast range of ad-suite products, becoming the first brand in the Tech OEM category to activate Tweet Confetti.

The strategy

The campaign Special events and confetti go hand-in-glove. For the premiere of #OnePlus10T, the brand decided to personalise the confetti that would be used during the product launch. 

It all started with a Conversation Button inviting people to participate in the event by submitting a Tweet with #OnePlus10T. After three days, 150+ Tweets were selected to be printed as confetti for the occasion.  

On the day of the launch, @OnePlus_IN continued to engage with people on Twitter — using Twitter’s Takeover+ products to stay top-of-mind and reinforce brand messaging. 

And what’s a celebration without some friendly banter? @TwitterMktgIN joined the party with a lighthearted Tweet thread exchange with @OnePlus_IN, reliving the success of the Tweet Confetti activation at the launch. 

So, here’s how @OnePlus_IN’s high-impact campaign sought to achieve its marketing goals:

  • Expanding Reach
  • India
  • B2C
  • Case Study
  • Creative Canvas
  • Create Engagement
  • Audience Targeting


Converse with Conversation Cards

To help people know more about #OnePlus10T’s premiere, the brand used a Conversation Button encouraging them to turn their Tweets into confetti. A highly engaged and responsive audience interacted with the Conversation Button quickly, helping @OnePlus_IN to stir excitement and curiosity around the launch


Capture attention with creativity

Even if the fans and @OnePlus_IN community members couldn’t physically attend #OnePlus10T’s launch event, their Tweets could! Using over 150 personalised Tweets as confetti at the premiere, the brand managed to bring fans closer to the event and help them feel more connected to the brand.


Spark interest with Takeover+ products

To amplify the conversations on premiere day, the brand used Trend Takeover & Trend Takeover+ to keep the topic trending for 24 hours. This expanded the campaign’s reach and awareness while garnering more mentions and eyeballs for the campaign.


Engage in friendly banter with @TwitterMktgIN 

@OnePlus_IN and @TwitterMktgIN joined hands to relive the magic of Tweet confetti through a fun, playful exchange around the event.

The success

In celebrations, the more the merrier. @OnePlus_IN’s campaign did just that by throwing a one-of-its-kind bash offline and hyping its community of fans online.  

The campaign was well-received by the people on Twitter in India. In only 3 days, @OnePlus_IN’s conversation card Tweet, inviting audiences to convert their Tweets to Confetti, garnered more than 53K engagements and 3M+ impressions. People also loved the brand’s creative asset on launch day, and it ultimately garnered around 14.7M impressions, 180K engagements, and 4.2M video views. 

The #OnePlus10T campaign successfully spread smiles and by the end of the campaign, it received a positive and neutral sentiment of 96%. By capitalising on the new experience of Tweet confetti activation and interactive engagement strategies, the brand also increased Share of Voice (SoV) and brand association during its campaign.

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