Case Study

How OnePlus India utilised Twitter to garner close to 25million impressions.

Key results



positive sentiment

The opportunity

The festive season evokes gratitude for all the things we're thankful for. OnePlus used this insight to be a catalyst for spreading joy during Christmas 2019 while launching the much coveted #RedCableClub, an exclusive community for OnePlus users. Twitter partnered with OnePlus & Rotary International to organise a gift drive across India for the underprivileged and in the process helped the participants become #SantaClausForACause. 

As OnePlus aimed to give it back to the society, they wanted to go beyond digital and engage with customers across offline channels as well; so in a bid to ensure we create a lasting impact, we worked towards creating a unique experience. 

The strategy

In order to ensure OnePlus is able to achieve its stated objective of spreading joy to the community, we resorted to a two pronged strategy

  • On-Ground Activation#RedCableChristmas began at one of Mumbai’s most popular locations - High Street Phoenix Mall where we installed a unique Christmas Tree powering a special Gift Drive by bringing URL to IRL and offering the visitors a chance to participate. Loaded with gifts, the Christmas tree instantly dropped down two presents for every tweet tagging #RedCableChristmas - one for the participant and the other giveaway was for the underprivileged. The stem of the tree was a screen that displayed LIVE gratitude tweets by the participants and triggered the gifts. These presents were then dropped off in Gratitude Boxes placed across all 21 OnePlus Experience Stores in the country. OnePlus India tied up with Rotary International to reach out to the underprivileged kids. 

  • On-Platform - Over the years OnePlus has built a very strong online community of loyalists and to ensure the #RedCableChristmas experience reaches a larger audience, they collaborated with Twitter. The entire on-ground experience was captured and released as a special film through First View and Promoted Trend. #RedCableChristmas asked the country to participate in the Gift Drive and become #SantaClausForACause. Everyone who participated also received a note of thanks from OnePlus India as an auto-response. During the length of the campaign #RedCableChristmas remained as one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter

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Drive Awareness

OnePlus announced the initiative with a compelling creative and amplified it using First View + Promoted Trend, urging people to join in the conversation



Inspire Action and Appreciate

This was followed by an auto-response campaign which acknowledged people’s effort towards contributing and giving it back to the community



Showcase Impact

OnePlus capped off the campaign by announcing the impact this people driven campaign had on the community


The success

In the absence of launch of a flagship product, this purpose driven campaign helped OnePlus to connect with its audience and spread joy. Over the course of the campaign, the #RedCableClub acquired a user base of 1 million and the brand was able to bring the joy of Christmas to over 17,000 underprivileged children who received gifts on behalf of all the participants. The support the campaign received on the platform was stupendous, generating over 722k engagements with an overwhelmingly positive sentiment of close to 99%. 

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