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How vivo India launched its flagship X80 series on Twitter

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The opportunity

From charming selfies to video clips of their favourite moments, smartphones have changed the way how people and brands explore new frontiers of art, functionality, and immersive experience. With its powerful camera and high-quality images, the new vivo X80 series. vivo India (@vivo_India) wanted to build traction for its new model and highlight the product’s unique features through an official launch. For real-time conversations and tech talks, Twitter is where the buzz is. So, when the brand opted to launch its campaign, it sought to leverage the platform’s leaned-in audience and explore the tech pulse to deliver a truly memorable launch.

The strategy

@vivo_India planned to make #vivoX80Series’ launch big, engaging, and a pivotal moment to remember by leveraging the power of conversations on Twitter that delivered impact, information, and engagement. To do this, the brand employed a host of Twitter’s ad suite products and crafted a campaign strategy to generate mass awareness about the product, which involved three crucial phases — tease, reveal, and sustain.

The brand kicked off its campaign with an auto-response activation and used convincing teaser videos to show glimpses of the smartphone to the engaged audience. To make an impression for the launch, @vivo_India took over the timelines during the reveal phase and reached out to people using creative video assets.  

To continue the hype beyond the launch, @vivo_India offered fans a unique experience — a picturesque digital photo walk. People on Twitter could unlock destinations of their choice and scroll through a photo walk consisting of images captured on the vivo X80. This activity used Twitter’s Carousel Ads to showcase the immersive nature and high quality of pictures clicked with the #vivoX80Series. The brand also used hashtags such as #CinematographyRedefined and #ComingSoon to optimise the campaign’s visibility and drive home the campaign’s message that vivo X80’s camera gives excellent results!

So, here’s how the brand’s campaign clicked with the people on Twitter:

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Building the buzz early with branded notifications 

During the tease phase of the campaign, the brand utilised Twitter's high engagement ‘️ to remind' activation. Through this, @vivo_India was able to send product and launch-related notifications to opted-in users, building anticipation and excitement for the #vivoX80Series.



Driving mass awareness using powerful creative assets

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. Using the power of imagery, the ad emphasised the features of the vivo X80, notably its outstanding camera quality. Through video story-telling, the brand also educated users about the benefits of a ZEISS-powered phone and helped build brand credibility.


Walk through interactive innovations

@vivo_India’s X80 launch created a unique and unforgettable experience for photography aficionados and brand supporters. To get people to stop scrolling and take a digital walk, the brand employed the "ultimate photowalk". The use of beautiful photos and a feature-first carousel generated awe and sparked chatter.

The success

@vivo_India’s #vivoX80Series launch was a massive success. The campaign rang in impressive results upon its conclusion, surpassing in-category Twitter benchmarks with over 53.5M impressions, more than 7.8M video views, and an engagement rate of 6.38%.

The brand’s use of multiple ad products across the different phases captivated people on Twitter too. @vivo_India's compelling video assets got a 46.28% view rate. These efforts led to the campaign registering overwhelming approval from fans, with a 99% positive and neutral sentiment prevailing throughout the campaign.

The push for awareness and reinforcement of the campaign’s messaging led to the piloting of the ground-breaking "ultimate photowalk". This popular innovation grabbed eyeballs and ensured continued engagement even after the launch. 

vivo is a technology company that creates great products which bring joy and experiences to the user’s life. Hence, we launched our flagship X80 series #CinematographyRedefined which is an innovation as to how users can create joy and experiences by capturing those moments. With such an elite product we wanted to leverage premium platforms which can help reach the right audiences at scale. I am glad to see the excellent numbers such as reach, buzz and engagements generated on Twitter in this campaign.

Mayank Prabhakar, Head of Digital, vivo India

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