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Kathmandu inspires adventure travellers with Promoted Video

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The opportunity

Travel and adventure brand Kathmandu (@KathmanduGear) wanted to reach a younger audience and drive traffic to its website. The brand also sought to build engagement with existing customers by creating conversations around aspirational travel destinations.

The strategy

@KathmanduGear created short video montages of magnificent locations that its team had visited. The brand asked users to share their own travel ambitions with the question: “If you could only take one trip, where would you go?” It used a Promoted Account and Promoted Tweets with the hashtag #OpenTheWorld to reach a wider audience. Working closely with their media agency, Group M Connect, in defining this strategy and activating the campaigns, @KathmanduGear also used Promoted Video to increase engagement, complemented with focused keyword and interest targeting on travel. @KathmanduGear’s in-house customer service team monitored and responded to replies from Twitter users for better real-time engagement.

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Draw in the audience with compelling videos.

@KathmanduGear created rich video content full of stunning scenery and happy adventurers from years of archived video and B-roll footage. It used Promoted Video to reach a wide audience and to get them thinking of the places they could travel to.


Choose a hashtag that drives engagement.

@KathmanduGear used Promoted Tweets with the hashtag #OpenTheWorld to intrigue users and encourage conversations around travel aspirations. Many people joined in to talk about the locations they’d love to visit before visiting the website to learn more.


Use advanced targeting to find your tribe.

@KathmanduGear reached a more responsive audience through keyword targeting of popular travel and camping blogs, as well as interest targeting around holidays and travel. The brand also used Tailored Audience targeting to reach website visitors and customers in its Summit Club member program.

The success

@KathmanduGear saw results on Twitter that exceeded those from previous campaigns and other platforms. The campaign achieved over 60,000 video views, with a 30% view-to-completion rate — 15% higher than average across all social media platforms. Site visits from Twitter users were high in quality, with time spent on site 67% longer than in previous campaigns. Cost per view (CPV) for the best performing video was $0.05. The company credits its success to Twitter’s targeting tools for connecting its content to the right audience.

Twitter’s sophisticated targeting tools allowed us to put content in front of people who have interests aligned with our brand values. It also enabled us to reach our Summit Club members and get them involved in the conversation.

Paul Lester (@paul_lester), Social Media Manager, Kathmandu

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