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Learn how Microsoft India leveraged Twitter Amplify to boost its Share of Voice

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The opportunity

We live in an increasingly digital world where perceptions about frontrunning technology, like artificial intelligence (AI) and digital security (DS), run abound. Unfortunately, conversations around it aren’t always well-informed and sometimes border on misconceptions.

Amidst all the noise, how could @MicrosoftIndia, the country's leading tech giant, bridge this information gap through credible information and use it as an opportunity to drive Share of Voice (SoV) for the brand?

The tech conversation is always happening on Twitter. Business decision makers – ranging from C-suite to tech and data security enthusiasts to content partners and industry stalwarts – are a part of this influential community that @MicrosoftIndia wanted to tap into.

The strategy

@MicrosoftIndia launched the #MicrosoftAI and #SecurityForAll campaign to disseminate authentic information about artificial intelligence (AI) and digital security (DS). @MicrosoftIndia leveraged Twitter Amplify by partnering with premier business publications of the country to engage in high-quality conversations on Twitter. Aligning with premium content further enhances trust, which by association, increases Share of Voice for the brand. @MicrosoftIndia also tied up with tech-inclined influencers, policy experts, and decision-makers from the tech B2B space, as part of the campaign. 

Over a course of three quarters, through a series of educational and engaging video content with these publications, @MicrosoftIndia successfully established itself as a thought leader in the field of AI and DS.

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Leveraging the power of Twitter Amplify.

Twitter Amplify is one of the most effective ways to augment reach for a brand. It helps empower brands with a higher Share of Voice and access to high-engagement conversations and custom video content. @MicrosoftIndia leveraged Twitter Amplify to help meet its stated objective of increasing its Share of Voice.



Leading with collaborations.

@MicrosoftIndia drove the conversation by tying up with marquee business news publications (like @CNBCTV18News, @BiIndia, and @EconomicTimes) and KOLs on Twitter. Coupled with Twitter’s advanced targeting and focusing on those interested in technology and B2B businesses, @MicrosoftIndia was successful in strengthening its position as a knowledge domain centre in the tech B2B space.



Keeping the momentum going.

To ensure sustained recall and lasting impact of the #MicrosoftAI Innovation Series and the #SecurityForAll campaign, @MicrosoftIndia continued to educate and inform people about the impact of AI on the banking, healthcare, manufacturing sectors through short video clips.

The Success

@MicrosoftIndia gradually and consistently managed to increase its SoV in the tech B2B space from 4.8% before the start of the campaign to 14.12% in the first quarter to 26.11% by the end of the campaign.

Collectively, the campaign received a whopping 48.6M impressions, 18M video views, and 397K Tweet engagements which allowed @MicrosoftIndia to effectively drive customer advocacy and enhance its SoV. 

The campaigns, through the three quarters, received massive traction, especially outside our existing audience. The delivery of the content was spread across in such a way that it paved the journey for unlocking many such discussions around artificial intelligence and data security in the future. The consistent and effective increase in the Share of Voice for Microsoft India illustrates the overall impact of the campaign, and we plan to stay invested in our strategic partnership with Twitter.

Hitu Chawla, (@HituChawla), Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft India.

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