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How Spotify's #DilFilmySunoFilmy campaign on Twitter won over India’s filmy hearts

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The opportunity

Bollywood lives in every Indian and is a popular conversation starter across the country. No occasion, moment, mood, or emotion is complete without the right filmy music. @SpotifyIndia, the music streaming app, understood this cultural staple and celebrated it with Bollywood buffs.

The brand turned to Twitter to bring the filminess of its Bollywood-crazy audiences to life through the #DilFilmySunoFilmy campaign.

Twitter has a strong community of music lovers and enthusiasts. It’s a place where the musically minded come to discover and talk about their current favourites. Leveraging this audience’s love for Bollywood and music, @SpotifyIndia chose to bond with them on Twitter and engage their melodic minds with the #DilFilmyQuiz, where people could answer some fun questions and reveal their filmy characters. 

The strategy

The #DilFilmySunoFilmy campaign focussed on connecting with the music community around their love for Bollywood music and uplifting various Bollywood playlists available for listeners on @SpotifyIndia. The brand partnered with Twitter to achieve these two objectives and strike a conversation with audiences and encourage their participation.

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Engaging fans through a quiz.

@SpotifyIndia used Twitter to encourage fans to participate in the #DilFilmyQuiz. The seven-question quiz put their filminess to the test.



Delighting the users.

Each participant who completed the quiz received a customized filmy title, and a playlist curated for them by @SpotifyIndia - in one dynamic shareable card, which was subsequently shared by the users on their timelines.



Innovative video promotions to keep the buzz going.

In order to maximize engagement, @SpotifyIndia ran compelling video ads to add some Bollywood vibes for the music fans on Twitter.



Appealing to the audience through cultural events.

@SpotifyIndia leveraged meaningful moments to connect with audiences. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the brand appealed to its audience to create collaborative playlists with their siblings. Similarly, strumming the heartstrings of students on Teacher’s Day, they dedicated a filmy song to teachers.

The success

The #DilFilmySunoFilmy campaign was able to tap into a highly receptive and engaging audience to spark conversations and garner the attention of music lovers. It saw 43.7M total impressions, 491K total engagements, and 215K link clicks from people on Twitter. 103K people loaded the start page of the quiz, with 17K started answering the quiz, and 14K completed the quiz. The video campaign recorded 4.3M impressions, as well as 2M video views with a 47.6% video view rate from audiences.

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