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Standard Chartered brings fans to Liverpool FC’s celebration with Tweet confetti

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The opportunity

2020 was the year when Standard Chartered (@StanChart) celebrated a decade of partnership with Liverpool Football Club (@LFC), with @StanChart serving as official main partner of Liverpool Football Club for 10 years running. It was also a historic year for Liverpool FC as the club beat all odds to win the English Premier League for the first time in 30 years.

However, with the pandemic lockdown, millions of Liverpool FC fans were denied the chance to line the streets in a show of passionate support, or watch their team lift the Premier League trophy at the final home game at Anfield stadium. 

While the stadiums were empty, Twitter was the world’s arena thundering with the crowds’ roars. As the go-to place for sports’ most passionate fans to get the latest news and best viewing experiences, Twitter was the perfect place to connect with Premier League’s fans across the globe who were leaned in with over 14.9M Tweets1 around the League. 

Standard Chartered realised this could be a perfect opportunity to unite fans, not only on home ground but also across the globe, and bring them closer to the action. @StanChart partnered with Twitter on the Tweet Victory campaign, which took the conversation surrounding the celebration from the online platform to the on-the-ground pitch seamlessly. The global campaign leveraged Stand Red - Standard Chartered’s communication platform for the partnership and used its #StandRed hashtag to rally fans worldwide and bring them an unforgettable celebration at the trophy lift at Anfield stadium on 22 July.

The strategy

Launched in 2018 by Standard Chartered, Stand Red was already a successful communication platform that united Liverpool FC fans globally. The Tweet Victory campaign tapped into the familiar #StandRed hashtag, given the deep affinity it has amongst @StanChart, Liverpool FC, and the fans worldwide.

@StanChart asked Liverpool FC fans to Tweet their messages of celebration and support with the #StandRed hashtag, and later printed the selected Tweets on sustainable confetti, which was blasted at Anfield stadium during the trophy-lifting ceremony on 22 July. With this one-of-a-kind on-ground experience that took Tweets from the platform to the stadium, @StanChart ensured the most ardent fans were closer to their beloved team than ever imagined possible. 

The campaign kicked off two weeks before the trophy-lifting ceremony with the first call-to-action Promoted Video, which got fans excited about the possibility of their Tweets becoming part of the historic celebration.

To keep momentum strong, @StanChart released a second Promoted Video one week after, with Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp urging fans all over the globe to join in.

After the event, the campaign wrapped up with the last Promoted Video, which kept conversations going and allowed fans to relive the moment. The video recapped the Liverpool FC trophy-lifting ceremony and, most importantly, the Tweet confetti, selected from over 14,000 Tweets from 60 countries. @StanChart ensured that fans’ love and cheers reached the players with the Tweet confetti that showered down on the winners.

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The uniting power of #StandRed hashtag

The campaign leveraged on Stand Red, @StanChart’s communication platform and the #StandRed hashtag to amplify connection and unite Liverpool FC fans across the world.



From platform to pitch

@StanChart found a creative solution to bring fans’ love and cheers from an online platform, Twitter, to reach the players on the ground, with the Tweet confetti showering down on the winners during the celebration at the stadium.



A truly global campaign

The Tweet Victory campaign was borderless and boundless, reaching millions of fans across 17 markets, from Liverpool’s home country, the UK, to Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa.

The Success

The Tweet Victory campaign scored 1.38M total engagements with a 7.15% engagement rate, overperforming the benchmark of 4.4% across targeted markets.2 During the two-week campaign period, there were over 14K Tweets using the #StandRed hashtag. Cost per engagement was 50% lower than benchmark,3 and the conversations were 97% positive/neutral4 sentiment — a 55% improvement on positive sentiment and 71% less negative sentiment from the previous period.5

Twitter was the perfect platform for this unique engagement with Liverpool FC fans during lockdown. Through the channel we gathered messages of support and celebration from around the world, which rained down on the players as they lifted the Premier League Trophy in an empty Anfield stadium.

Emma Sheller (@EmmaSheller), Global Head Brand & Marketing, Standard Chartered Bank

1. Twitter Internal, Jan-May 2020.
2. Outperforming Twitter benchmark rate of 4.4% across targeted markets.
3. 50% lower than Twitter benchmark across all markets.
4. Brandwatch, Conversation data from Brandwatch, 1 July, 2020-30 August, 2020.
5. Brandwatch, Conversation data from Brandwatch, 1 July, 2019-30 August, 2019.

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Standard Chartered brings fans to Liverpool FC’s celebration with Tweet confetti

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Standard Chartered brings fans to Liverpool FC’s celebration with Tweet confetti

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