Case Study

Tokopedia drives quality traffic and cost efficiency with SVO 


Key Results


improved cost-per-site-visit

improved site-visit-rate

The opportunity

In 2021 alone, Southeast Asia saw 82 million shopping-related Tweets, with 48 million of them coming from Indonesia alone - a whopping 61% Year-on-Year growth. This makes an indication of the extensive power of social shopping on Twitter in Indonesia.

So when thriving Indonesian e-commerce @Tokopedia wanted to further improve the performance of its ads, they kickstarted an always-on Twitter campaign in 2021 which has been running since.

The strategy

The campaign was straightforward and effective: each ad promotes a single product, such as apparel and mobile phones, and the goal is to consistently drive quality traffic to their website or app, while continuously lowering the cost-per-site visit. 

Wanting to further optimise their efforts, @Tokopedia decided to use Twitter’s Site Visit Optimization (SVO) as a way to find and serve the ads to the people who are most likely to visit their website - and the best part, at a lower cost.

In its pilot run, @Tokopedia went all in by preparing 38 creatives to promote a vast range of products in various categories. The creatives, each focusing on a different product, include a product image and a video of the product being used, serving as inspiration and a cue for audiences. The campaign saw Indonesians on Twitter engaging with the ads, sharing their reviews on the products and providing recommendations to their followers.

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Leverage SVO to drive quality traffic

Through SVO, @Tokopedia was able to reach the right people and increase traffic to its website and app.



Optimise an always-on strategy with SVO 

Constantly wanting to further optimise, @Tokopedia tried SVO and saw impressive results, now incorporating it into its permanent campaign.


Complement your bidding strategy with the variety of creatives

@Tokopedia covered a broad spectrum of products through intriguing creatives, including user-generated content, capturing the audience’s interest along the way.


Dare to experiment

@Tokopedia went all in with the new advertising solution from Twitter (SVO) and reaped the rewards from the experiment.

The success

Conversations on Twitter play a unique and impactful role in consumer purchasing decisions, and Tokopedia’s experiment with SVO showed that with the right execution, Tokopedia could achieve excellent results by driving quality traffic among their valuable audience.

At 1380% improved cost-per-site-visit and 234% improved site visit rate (compared to usual link clicks in their campaigns), there’s no denying that SVO is the right tool for @Tokopedia over the long term. 

When it came to cost efficiency, @Tokopedia also saw a 27% drop in cost-per-purchase and 7X higher click-throughs on the ads, altogether improving efficiency by 52%. 

The success of the campaign highlights the power of Twitter’s SVO solution: its ability to help @Tokopedia to drive people to buy.


Site Visit Optimisation (SVO) helped improve our efficiency by 52% while increasing our conversion, ie. our CTR by 7x. We were able to increase overall audience quality through the right targeting and content approach.

Radhitia Pradana, Social Media Lead, Tokopedia

*Cost per order (or cost per purchase) is the cost of internet advertising divided by the number of orders


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