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IM3 Ooredoo, Lazada, and AQUA join Twitter to celebrate hope and kindness during Ramadan

Key Results

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The opportunity

Over the years, the word “magic” has become a symbol of positivity, kindness, and support on Twitter in Indonesia.

It all started with “Twitter, Please Do Your Magic,” an organic movement where Indonesians spread goodness and receive help. This #OnlyOnTwitter phenomenon has helped raise funds for the needy, support small businesses in times of despair, assist job-seekers, and much more. 

This movement is unique to Twitter. It reflects Indonesians’ kindness all year round and perfectly embodies the spirit of Ramadan. So when another socially distanced Ramadan came along, where many had to once again celebrate away from their loved ones, Twitter naturally turned to this same magic to deliver the heartfelt, uplifting sentiment.

Twitter invited three of Indonesia’s biggest brands — IM3 Ooredoo (@IM3Ooredoo), Lazada (@LazadaID), and Aqua (@sehatAqua) — in a unique campaign inspired by the “Twitter, Please Do Your Magic” movement to spread positivity and bring everyone closer together.

The strategy

Inspired by the “Twitter, Please Do Your Magic” social movement, Twitter created a hashtag called #TweetYourMagic, which activated a custom emoji that reveals a bright heart in dark mode, letting people know that their kind words can lift others up even in the darkest times.

With Ramadan around the corner and COVID-19 persisting in the background, Twitter was determined to maximise impact and enlisted three like-minded brands, IM3 Ooredoo, Lazada, and AQUA, to help spread the word.

A multi-brand approach for maximum reach.

With all four brands aligned on delivering positive, feel-good messages, they each asked their followers to share a positive story using #TweetYourMagic and mention the participating brand.

For every Tweet of encouragement, AQUA donated to protect those in need. For every Tweet about being apart from loved ones, IM3 Ooredoo offered a discount on data plans to help get them reconnected. And for every Tweet about the most meaningful things about Ramadan, Lazada offered a discount to help people realise their hopes.

Bringing positivity from the platform to the offline world.

Twitter further spread the magic of love and positivity by blowing up those Tweets to the physical world in digital billboards across Jakarta’s busiest intersections.

The dynamic Out-of-Home campaign featured real Tweets, in dark and light creatives to mirror the dark and light modes of Twitter’s user interface.

Partnering with Creators.

Finally, as the last push to delight audiences, @TwitterMktgID collaborated with various Indonesian Creators to interpret select Tweets into charming illustrations. These little visuals with big messages were amplified on Twitter (via AQUA, Lazada, and IM3 Ooredoo) to carry on the encouraging messages and as a heartwarming way to wrap up the campaign.

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Listen intently and tap on the power of conversion.

By listening to the on-platform conversation, Twitter found the inspiration for the campaign and an authentic way for brands to participate in the “Twitter, Please Do Your Magic” movement.


A custom emoji that delivers the big idea.

The hashtag #TweetYourMagic activated a custom emoji that reveals a heart in dark mode to let people know that their kind words can lift others up — even in the darkest times.


Drive maximum impact with online-offline integration.

Twitter further spread the magic by bringing those touching Tweets from the platform to the physical world by blowing them up in digital billboards across Jakarta’s busiest intersections. And the OOH activation further drove positive conversations on the platform.


A new approach for multi-brand partnership.

The 4-in-1 campaign was especially impactful because it allowed each of four brands — Twitter, IM3 Ooredoo, Lazada, and AQUA — to join forces and collectively drive a unified, uplifting Ramadan campaign, all while affording each brand to vie for and attain their unique goals for their own Ramadan campaigns.

The success

The campaign activation saw exceptional results, and the full impact is multi-fold.

Total impressions for the campaign hit an astounding 30.5M while total engagements reached 813K, all while lowering the cost-per-engagement by 17%. The OOH campaign witnessed an additional 7.7M impressions across the two-week duration. 

The best performing Tweet achieved a 15% engagement rate — an astounding 5x higher than the industry benchmark.

Over the four-week campaign, there was a 2.5x surge in Ramadan-related conversations, with over 115,000 heartfelt Tweets coming in from across the country. 

Additionally, one of the participant brands, AQUA, who had committed to supporting those in need, made 5,000 donations.

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