Case Study

Visit Victoria has a ball in Melbourne with Periscope and Promoted Video

Key results

view rates over AU benchmarks

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lower CPV compared to benchmarks

The opportunity

State tourism organisation, Visit Victoria’s (@Melbourne) Play Melbourne campaign challenged tourists to explore the city with the notion that the more curious you are, the more you will be rewarded. For the campaign’s final iteration, Play Melbourne Live, it turned to Periscope for one last fun-seeking frolic through @Melbourne.

The strategy

Visit Victoria mounted an iPhone within a specially designed ball to emphasise the “play” in #PlayMelbourne. As the campaign progressed, the ball travelled around Melbourne via a designated host, providing an insider perspective of locals, locations, and huge events alike. From the best cafes and hidden rooftop gardens to the @AustralianOpen tennis championship and @VAMFF fashion festival, the ball provided watchers with a true immersive @Melbourne experience. Visit Victoria used Promoted Tweets to pre-promote the live stream and build awareness of the campaign, Periscope for live broadcasts, and Promoted Video to showcase highlights from the live stream and complementary PR videos. To reach out to a wide audience, the brand used interest targeting around arts and culture, comedy, drama, and music, event targeting on events attended by the ball, and @username targeting on popular personalities.

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Keep it real with live-stream video.

Visit Victoria wanted its audience to see the real Melbourne — no filters, no editing. With the real-time, live element of Periscope, viewers knew that they were seeing true experiences from the Periscope broadcasts. Followers were asked to contribute opinions, share the broadcasts, and vote on activities to further this impression.


Boost efficiency with high-quality content.

High-definition video was filmed alongside the Periscope footage to ensure the content could be used beyond Periscope on multiple digital platforms, including the Play Melbourne Live website, to maximise its reach.


Engage key influencers to increase reach.

Visit Victoria enlisted a range of local and international celebrities to get involved in the live broadcasts. Each celebrity influencer brought their own audience into reach of the Play Melbourne campaign.

The success

Play Melbourne Live saw 28,500 total video views on more than 40 Periscope broadcasts. Overall the campaign delivered over 11.5 million total video views and 7.9 million engagements (which includes views, clicks, likes, and shares) across social media platforms.

Periscope and Twitter are closely integrated, which helped us to significantly amplify our video content. We loved that Periscope broadcasts could be played directly from a user’s Twitter timeline, widening our live audience from Periscope to all of Twitter.

Melanie de Souza, Acting Director of Marketing, Visit Victoria

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