How Twitter is counting down to the World Cup

The countdown to the FIFA World Cup 2022 is now firmly underway.

With the groups set and the match schedule drawn up, fans can now look ahead and chart their team’s path to glory in Qatar. The World Cup (@FIFAWorldCup) draw certainly got people talking on Twitter, with almost one million Tweets about the event, as fans analysed the groups and predicted the key matchups later this year1.

As the global showpiece event of the beautiful game moves closer, the football conversation on Twitter continues to grow. There have been 41M Tweets about football in the UK since the start of 2022, a 10% increase on the same period last year2

The World Cup is also starting to feature strongly in the conversation, with a +425% increase in UK World Cup Tweets in March compared with February.3

That peaked with the draw. There were 188k Tweets by 87k users about the World Cup over the weekend of the draw that made the biggest day for World Cup conversation since the start of last year, by almost 2× previous spikes.4 

After coming so close to winning the Euros last year, excitement among England fans is riding high. Gareth Southgate’s squad will be among the favourites to lift the trophy in December, and fans are already looking for positive signs that might mean football is finally coming home.  

@England’s match against the @USMNT should be an exciting game for both countries, and one of our favourite Twitter accounts wasted no time poking some fun at our American friends.  

How brands can connect with the World Cup on Twitter

For brands, the World Cup offers an opportunity to connect with football fans on Twitter. There is no better way to engage than partnering with Twitter to extend their TV strategy by aligning with premium football content using Twitter Amplify Pre-Roll and Sponsorships. 

During #Euro2020, @Heineken_UK boosted sales by adding Twitter to its TV sponsorship plan. @Heineken_UK achieved a 25% increase in brand association after extending its TV ads via the official ITV Amplify Sponsorship5. This led to a significant increase in sales. 

Twitter is not only where the conversation around big games happens; it is where you can find it all: from sharing a love for the game to the pre-game build-up, to video highlights and the post-match conversation. The highs and the lows, the laughter and the tears, you can find it all on Twitter.

Twitter. Where all football happens. 

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April 06, 2022
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