How gaming is growing on Twitter

For the first time ever, there were more than 2 BILLION Tweets about gaming throughout 2020. This is up 75% from 2019, with a 49% increase in unique authors.

To get a sense of the scale of that gaming conversation, you only have to look to the recent launch of the Playstation 5, and the clamour of gamers to get hold of one.

With over two million Tweets around the launch, this was a significant moment that many gaming fans were excited about. This was further reflected in the sheer number of people involved in the conversation with more than 980K unique authors Tweeting1.

News of gaming launches sparks huge amounts of conversation on Twitter, as fans turn to Twitter to hear about what’s about to drop on their favourite platform.  In fact, the top two reasons that gamers come to Twitter are to keep up to date with what’s happening (94%) and to see other gamers’ opinions and reviews (93%).4

Twitter isn’t just a place where gamers gather for the latest news and to hear what’s happening in the world of gaming, it’s a place where they share tips, tricks, and superb game footage.

The popularity of this content can also be seen in how on Twitter we have seen more gaming video views than ever before. There were over 18m video views per day, and 9 million users watching gaming content.1

While console games may grab a lot of the headlines, gaming conversations on Twitter span a wide variety of interests. For instance, while 60% of people who use Twitter describe themselves as gamers as many as 46% describe themselves as Esports fans, and 29% say they are PC hardware fans.3

It's also quite diverse when it comes to gender too. While many think of the gaming market as being male-dominated, that is no longer true. The most significant change in gaming on Twitter is the growth in the share of the conversation from women. This has grown by 5% with women now representing as many as 34% of gamers on the platform.3

As varied as the different gaming tribes on Twitter are, so is the range of titles that people on Twitter are playing and talking about. These are the top 5 most talked-about titles on the platform.

How do brands fit into Gaming Twitter?

There are several ways that brands can tap into the gaming conversation on Twitter. Here are the top three:

1. Esports sponsorship

Sponsoring esports players and tournaments is a great way to increase brand visibility on Twitter. It also further legitimises the sport and provides money for competitions, which is a win for players and tournament organisers.

2. Collaborate with gamers: 

As with other interests, aligning with high-profile gamers is an effective way for brands to build affinity.

3. Increase awareness and promote inclusivity:

Brands can help gamers challenge stereotypes and bring gaming to a broader audience. 


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