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Every day, people come to Twitter to talk about what’s happening in the world. The rising interest in social audio means brands need to be ready for the latest evolution in conversation: individual voices.

Tap the mic, and meet Twitter Spaces. It's an innovative and safe way to tap into this growing interest while creating unique experiences for your brand’s audience on Twitter. 

So… what is Spaces?

Spaces is an entirely new way for people and brands to have live audio conversations on Twitter that amplify the power of the human voice. From Tweeting to talking — and listening to Tweeting again — Spaces is open, it’s authentic, and it’s happening right now.

As Spaces is an extension of the conversations people are already having on Twitter, they’re intentionally built with an eye towards safety for everyone, including brands. Hosts control who can speak and when, and if needed, can mute, remove, report, or block participants. These features aim to ensure the conversation stays healthy, dynamic, and brand-safe.

Go beyond 280 with Spaces

Ready for a new way to connect to your audience, but not sure where to start? We're learning together, and are already seeing some great examples from brands.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Engage authentically with fans and followers

Spaces allows brands to use the power of voice to directly connect people with their favorite celebrities, athletes, influencers, artists, and innovators.

To celebrate the theatrical re-release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, @UniversalPics hosted a Space with Edgar Wright (the film’s co-writer, producer, and director) and some of the star-studded cast. Fans were able to celebrate the cult classic alongside the voices of some of the film’s epic characters. Talk about an unforgettable experience.

2. Connect during cultural moments

Twitter always lights up during big moments in music, sports, entertainment, and culture. If there’s a big moment that’s relevant to your brand — or if you just want to keep the after-party going — you can use Spaces to get fans in on the action.

Speaking of action, the new The Fast and the Furious movie is coming out this summer, and buzz for the latest in the series, F9, is huge on Twitter. After the trailer for the upcoming movie dropped, @TheFastSaga held a Space with director @JustinLin and some of the talent from the film. Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, and other actors used the Space to connect with fans, answer questions, and continue the movie launch conversation. 

3. Elevate diverse voices

Brands have an opportunity to pass the mic to diverse creators, influencers, activists, and educators. Consider including partners that have the representation, cultural fluency, and community equity to engage in these types of conversations.

@P&G hosted a Space as part of its diversity and inclusion campaign asking people to #WidenTheScreen and spark a conversation about bias and inequality in the film industry. Hosted by April Reign (@ReignOfApril) and @P&G’s @DamonDJones, the conversation focused on the importance of building representation and supporting Black creators.

4. Get inspired in real time

Want to speak with the world’s largest focus group? Spaces allows brands to listen and learn, meaning you get lightning feedback from the people who matter most. 

In a Space with @AdAge, the social team at @Xbox talked about how they rallied Twitter’s gaming community to win @TwiterMktg’s #BestOfTweets brand bracket activation by promising to launch a mini fridge based on the Series X console. The idea for the new product came directly from fans who, during the console’s release, couldn't stop talking about how much the Series X resembled a refrigerator.

5. Get closer to the game

Twitter loves football. It has always been a place where fans can get closer to the game, and Twitter Spaces has added a new dimension to that.  

@ManCity has been one football club that has really taken to Spaces. It has used Spaces to look ahead to big games and in the build-up to #UCLFinal.

Ready to turn up the volume? Tune in and tap into Twitter Spaces.

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