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Twitter warming up with the Lionesses for the Women’s EURO

Football fans on Twitter are ready for the Women's Euros

Women's football is bigger than ever

The 2022 UEFA Women’s EURO (@UEFAWomensEURO) is just around the corner, and the buzz is building on Twitter. The tournament is on track for attendance to surpass the record for any EURO matches in history, with England's three group matches — and the final at Wembley — all sold out. This growth in interest in the women’s game is reflected in the 3.3M Tweets globally about women’s international football in 2021, a figure that looks set to grow in 2022.

The excitement is palpable, and Twitter is alight. Will England’s @Lionesses dream team bring the @UEFAWomensEURO cup home?

In 2019, women’s football reached a watershed moment, with the Women’s FIFA World Cup Tournament drawing recognition among a fast-growing fan base and big brands. Buckle up for the next iteration of progress as the 2022 EURO Championship accelerates the rise of women’s football. 

According to new research, of all football fans on Twitter, the majority (58%) say they have watched or followed women's football. And of those, 85% will watch the matches.

Trail blazing in a new era

This year, fans are all set for a Wembley final on 31 July, hoping for home nations glory courtesy of either our @Lionesses or @NorthernIreland. With less than 50 days to go, #WEURO2022 is already taking off on Twitter — and they’re only just getting started. That has helped fuel a 36% increase in Tweets about women’s international football.

Of all football fans on Twitter, 22% think England will win the Women's EURO, while 44% think England could be in with a chance. This really could be England’s year, one way or another.

The Women’s EURO set the stage for a blockbuster year of football, with the FIFA World Cup set for November. Expect excitement to reach fever pitch as fans rally to support their top players and teams on Twitter, with brands jumping on board to capture the spirit of the game.

Fans, players, and clubs have been charting the journey towards a #WEURO2022 kick-off on Twitter, celebrating milestones and supporting teams. @MayorofLondon Sadiq Khan brought in the new year with a Tweet supporting the @Lionesses. He passed the baton over to the women’s team after another excellent year of football.

On the victory trail

Set for another bumper year, football fans indulged in the twists and turns on the road to glory. Top UK Tweets include the @Lionesses first-ever win at the @ArnoldClarkCup in February. Celebratory Tweets highlight the moment as a good omen for the year ahead.

Meanwhile, the #WEURO2022 groupings and the selection of @leahcwilliamson as team captain for the @Lionesses led to another peak in Twitter conversations.

With the tournament taking place on home turf, it is helping bring the game closer to fans, and girls across the UK are looking up to the @Lionesses. Bringing local communities in Manchester along on their journey, the @Lionesses are inspiring girls with their love of the game — helping to diversify the face of football forever. And Twitter is loving it.

Team picks

As the tournament draws near, football Twitter conversation is gaining momentum. Since October 2021, the @Lionesses have landed the number one ‘Most Tweeted’ position compared to other teams — making England fans the loudest and proudest. As the 2022 Captain of the squad, @leahcwilliamson unsurprisingly pipped her fellow players to the post as the most mentioned @Lionesses on Twitter.

But there’s still time. With a trio of friendly matches scheduled ahead of the #WEURO2022, fans will have plenty of opportunities to see the @Lionesses in action — and discuss their dream squad, along with @leahcwilliamson, @LucyBronze, and @ellatoone99, who are in the top five global mentions among EURO players. They keep good company with Sweden’s @AdaStolsmo and Spain’s @alexiaputellas, but three out of five for the UK isn’t a bad start.

In the meantime, Twitter’s legion of football fans has their own ideas about who should make the dream team. Sharing their expertise, strategies, and opinions is all part of their love of the game — keeping our Twitter feeds fresh. From debates regarding the over-rotation of players to teasing over team pics, spirits are high as the tournament nears.

Regardless of the final team selection or the line-up — there is no doubt that the @Lionesses are trailblazing in a new era of women’s football. 

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