Valentine’s Day is back and the conversation is heating up on Twitter

The return to more normal living is fanning the flames of Valentine's Day chatter on Twitter. After two years in the doldrums due to lockdown and Covid anxiety, people on Twitter in the UK are ready for romance this February.

In fact, the conversation about Valentine’s Day is already vigorous, with 3.7 times more Tweets about it this January than in the first month of 2021. Not only that, but five times more people are embracing Valentine’s Day buzz by joining the conversation on Twitter this year.1

This reset is a perfect opportunity for brands to help starry-eyed consumers make the 14th of February special again, whether it’s with special deals, themed offers, or premium experiences.

From looking for love to love-struck 

Two-thirds of people on Twitter in the UK celebrate Valentine’s Day, and they are particularly inclined to be seeking romance this February.2 Not only are they 23% more likely to be single than the online population in general, but they’re also likely to be interested in online dating.2 The daily number of Tweets about online dating in the UK has shot up 35% in January, compared with the last three months in 2021.3

Help people celebrate this year 

A special meal is one of the main ways people on Twitter in the UK choose to mark Valentine’s Day. Dining in is slightly more popular, with 39% of people on Twitter choosing to have their romantic meal at home, while 33% plan to dine out.

Gift-giving is even more popular, with 84% planning to buy a romantic present for the object of their affections. Compared with all internet users in the UK, people on Twitter are 26% more likely to buy their Valentine’s gifts online.

Chocolate is always a leading choice for the lovey-dovey consumer, and no wonder, given its popularity — 89% of people on Twitter eat chocolate regularly. Four in five enjoy milk chocolate, while one in two like dark chocolate, and almost as many enjoy white chocolate.

To sweeten the holiday, chocolate brands should highlight their organic or fair trade products — two in five people on Twitter in the UK say this ethical pedigree is important to them when it comes to choosing chocs.2 

What are you doing for Galentine’s Day? 

Lastly, while love is in the air, remember that platonic love can prompt consumers to spend too. Typically marked on the 13th of February, Galentine's Day emerged some years ago as a moment to celebrate female friendship.

It’s getting more popular by the year and is increasingly seen as an opportunity to share gifts with friends, female or not. Tweets in the UK about Galentine's Day in 2021 were up 37% over the previous year, and that figure is set to soar this year.4

For brands considering jumping into Valentine's Day on Twitter, now is the time to take the plunge. The conversation is back and the time to strike is while it's red hot. 

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February 02, 2022
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