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Aramco celebrates their best of Saudi Arabia for #SaudiNationalDay

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The opportunity

On the occasion of the 90th Saudi National Day in 2020, Saudi Aramco (@Saudi_Aramco) saw Twitter as the ideal platform for a 10-day campaign that celebrated their best of Saudi Arabia, past and present.

The strategy

Using the hashtag انسى_توقفنا# (#Unstoppable), the campaign invited Saudis to Tweet their gratitude to key workers who had helped Saudi Arabia stay strong over the years. This was followed by a video that chronicled 90 years since the unification of the Kingdom, and celebrated the resilience of the Saudi people. 

On Saudi National Day itself, the campaign turned interactive, with @Saudi_Aramco asking users to join their yearly tradition of raising the national flag and participate by hitting ‘like’ to help raise the flag. This live activation was broadcast on Periscope and was amplified via a Promoted Trend Spotlight. This gave Aramco unrivaled reach on Twitter on Saudi National Day.

Finally, Aramco asked people to express what makes them proud to be a Saudi, using a dedicated hashtag, لأني_سعودي# (#IAmASaudi). These Tweets were then featured in a video that concluded the campaign.


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Drive engagement with Conversational Cards

By encouraging the audience to Tweet their gratitude for key workers, @Saudi_Aramco started a positive conversation on Twitter in advance of Saudi National Day.



Boost reach with Promoted Trend Spotlight

The campaign's hero video was launched on Promoted Trend Spotlight with the dedicated hashtag انسى_توقفنا#. The creative highlighted the resilience and strength of Saudis.



Drive audience participation

On Saudi National Day, the campaign took an interactive turn for @Saudi_Aramco's yearly tradition of raising the national flag. People participated by hitting ‘like’ to help raise the flag. This live activation was broadcasted on Periscope and boosted via Promoted Trend Spotlight.



Sustain the conversation

@Saudi_Aramco invited people to share their national pride and amplified their voices by creating a video that showcased a selection of user-generated content from the hashtag لأني_سعودي#.

The Success

By using First View and Promoted Trend Spotlight, Aramco achieved mass reach with a total of 73 million impressions. This helped it rack up as many as 19 million video views and 1.4 million engagements, demonstrating how the combination of video and Twitter can deliver strong results.

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