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How BiP drove downloads with a Twitter Timeline Takeover

Key Results

Trend impressions

App installs

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The Opportunity

When conversations on digital privacy blew up around the world, secure messaging platform @BiPMobil looked to Twitter to promote the app’s privacy features. The communication platform rolled out a Twitter campaign tapping into the conversation, driving engagement and educating Tweeters on online safety.

The strategy

Twitter’s role as a forum of open and honest conversations made it the ideal platform to drive brand awareness and spotlight @BiPMobil product differentiation. @BiPMobil focused on persuading Tweeters to change messaging apps.

@BiPMobil launched a phased campaign that took advantage of Twitter’s broad audience base, targeting the entire population of Turkey. Kick-starting the campaign with educational targeted ads, @BiPMobil used #bipmessenger to start conversations around its outstanding privacy features and the ease with which Tweeters could switch messaging platforms.

Next, @BiPMobil published a series of high impact adverts, driving engaged Tweeters to original content giving tips on personal online safety and highlighting @BiPMobil’s international security standards and encryption.

With an engaged audience @BiPMobil launched the next phase of the campaign, designed to drive downloads. A Twitter Timeline Takeover, ensured that @BiPMobil hero video ads were at the top of the feed for its engaged Twitter audience.

  • Mobile App Growth
  • Turkey
  • Telecommunications


Inform your audience

@BiPMobil showcased the app’s privacy features with Twitter Video Ads which engaged Tweeters and drove conversation around the platform’s security values.



Set yourself apart with Video Ads

In a crowded marketplace, it’s important to set yourself apart, and using Twitter Video Ads, @BiPMobil outlined its key competitive advantages, such as high quality voice and video calling to multiple contacts.



Own the day with Timeline Takeover

Timeline Takeover enabled @BiPMobil to gain maximum Twitter reach for 24-hours, highlighting their key message with an eye-catching hero video.

The Success

Reach was a key metric of success for the @BiPMobil campaign, which achieved 54 million Trend and 7.8 million Tweet Impressions. When it came to interactions, the high-quality Twitter Video Ads combined with Twitter’s highly targeted placement secured 3.4M Video Views and 143K Tweet Engagements. Further proof of the campaign’s success is found in the number of hours logged on the app and the amount of new app downloads. The campaign saw a one million increase in the number of active users on the platform and a 20% increase in App Installs – a significant result in a competitive marketplace.

While announcing the new feature of Bip to our users, we took the power of Twitter's high reach potential behind us and had a successful campaign period.

Meriç Döleneken, Media Manager, Turkcell

Twitter will continue to be at the center of our media communications, as it is a platform where we can directly see user reactions and respond instantly to interaction.

Ceren Albeniz, Digital Manager, Mindshare

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