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How Domino’s Pizza KSA launched a powerful CSR campaign during Ramadan

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The opportunity

For 2020, Domino’s KSA (@DominosKSA) wanted to return with its successful Pizza for Good initiative for Ramadan, and again turned to Twitter to raise awareness and encourage donations during the holy month.

@DominosKSA hoped to repeat the impact it was able to achieve in 2019 when customers donated more than 100,000 pizzas to families in need throughout Saudi Arabia.

The strategy

While Pizza for Good had been a huge success in 2019, its launch in 2020 came against the backdrop of the global pandemic. In consideration of this, @DominosKSA developed creative that spoke to the 2020 experience, raised awareness of Pizza for Good, and encouraged people to get on board by making a donation during Ramadan.

The campaign was launched with a Promoted Tweet that gave an overview of the initiative, and invited other restaurants to take part. This was followed up by an educational Promoted Video that explained how to take part and conveyed the emotional message behind the charity drive.  

Throughout the campaign, the hashtag #بيتزا_الخير (#PizzaForGood) was used, driving conversation and allowing people to share the message, encouraging others to donate one riyal in exchange for a donated pizza.

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Use Promoted Trend Spotlight to drive awareness.

By harnessing the power of Promoted Trend Spotlight, @DominosKSA was able to maximise awareness for the launch of the initiative.



Optimise your creative to engage the audience.

Domino’s launch Tweet acknowledged the challenging circumstances of 2020, while the subsequent Promoted Video delivered the emotional message and directions to encourage participation.



Drive conversation with a hashtag.

The hashtag #بيتزا_الخير (#PizzaForGood) anchored the conversation in one place — raising awareness throughout Ramadan, and driving ongoing donations even after the Spotlight promotion had ended.

The Success

The campaign reached 25.7M impressions, with an engagement rate of over 10%. Video views also showed an increase of 8.5% when compared to the 2019 campaign, while the hashtag continued to trend beyond the Spotlight day. 

Overall, the initiative resulted in the donation of almost 250,000 @DominosKSA pizzas to families in need during Ramadan 2020.

The numbers we got on the Pizza for Good initiative measured the wide reach of the campaign, yet the initiative's true success is reflected through the impact it had on our community. It's a story of one riyal that had the power to bring people together for an act of goodness.

Ibrahem AlSuhaibani (@ibrahemsu), Chief Operating Officer, Dominos KSA

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How Domino’s Pizza KSA launched a powerful CSR campaign during Ramadan

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How Domino’s Pizza KSA launched a powerful CSR campaign during Ramadan

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