Case Study

How Mobily used Twitter’s targeting tools to dial-up conversions

Key Results

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The opportunity

When Saudi Arabian mobile operator @Mobily teamed up with Twitter it had one objective: to unveil its Postpaid Package and convert an engaged audience into new customers. Twitter’s receptive users and first-rate targeting tools presented the perfect solution. 

The strategy

@Mobily set its sights on a targeted campaign with the support of media agency @Mindshare, putting data from a previous Twitter campaign into action. This data, combined with layers of 1st party data and acquisition targeting, gave @Mobily access to a tailor-made Twitter audience who were likely to be interested in the new Postpaid Package. 

The next step was to create strong and engaging content to share with the audience. A series of high-impact Image Ads kick-started the campaign, clearly outlining the key benefits of @Mobily's new Postpaid Package. Website cards then drove a strong call-to-action, taking audiences directly to a sign-up page to learn more. 

As the campaign gained momentum, targeting was adjusted to enhance conversion rates and ensure cost-per-conversion remained low. A creative refresh supported optimisations with edited and rejuvenated content to keep users interested.  

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Identify your audience

@Mobily put all available data to work, identifying and building the perfect audience for a hyper-targeted campaign.



Focus your message

Using Twitter’s powerful targeting tools, @Mobily took a test and learn approach, optimising content and audience targeting to maximise engagements.



Keep it fresh

To turbocharge its messaging, @Mobily refreshed its creative approach and continually optimised targeting for sustained engagement.

The success

@Mobily’s campaign was a resounding success, with the help of @Mindshare and the guidance of the Twitter team. The number of conversions was three times higher than on any previous @Mobily campaigns. Meanwhile, website time grew by 25% and bounce rates dropped by 13%. A highly-targeted awareness campaign is clearly a recipe for Twitter success.

Given a competitive KSA market and by smartly utilizing Twitter’s tools and guidance, Mobily and Mindshare worked on multiple aspects of a conversion campaign. This effort resulted in an outstanding performance of a user journey of conversion growth.

Abdullah Alfahad, Executive General Manager (Marketing Comms)

Solutions Used

Audience targeting

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Website traffic & conversions

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