Case Study

How used its own product to create a Twitter Video Website Card campaign

Key results

higher ARPU compared to other channels

engagement rates on ads than benchmarks

cost per acquisition decrease

The opportunity

Twitter is an ideal platform to advertise video marketing. (@Promodotcom), a video-making platform for small businesses and agencies, recognised this as an opportunity to raise brand awareness and drive sales among small business owners and marketers. 

It considered Twitter to be the optimal platform for two reasons.

First, the use of video is popular on Twitter and is the preferred media for many marketers. These marketers are’s target audience, making it the ideal place to both advertise with videos and advertise video marketing.

Second, Twitter users’ high engagement increased the likelihood they would respond and discuss the campaign, achieving brand recognition.

For these reasons, recognised an opportunity to run a website conversion campaign using video ads created using its own tool.

The strategy’s campaign was based on the idea that anyone can make high-quality marketing videos without any prior experience or video production know-how. 

To convey this message, it used Twitter’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach business owners and marketers.

Additionally,’s ability to easily and quickly create its own ads allowed for weekly testing of different executions. The success of each ad was determined by the engagement rate and cost per acquisition.

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Test various creatives. used its own video maker to create and test a variety of video ads each week in order to understand the Twitter audience’s preferences and make data-driven decisions. 


Stay relevant. made sure to keep its video ads relevant to Twitter trends, current events, and major holidays by using trending hashtags and matching creative assets.


Be responsive.

To further benefit from people on Twitter’s high response rate and increased engagement,’s team maintained the dialogue with those who commented.

The success

The website conversion campaign enabled @Promodotcom to target a consumer type with a higher intent to purchase. The average revenue per user from Twitter was 50% higher than from all other channels. The high engagement rate also helped create a conversation around the product and contributed to the increase in sales.

Twitter’s audience is very engaged and proactive. With the right ads, we were able to increase engagement, create conversations, and bring high-value sales.

Tomer Tal, User Acquisition Manager,

Solutions used

Creative Canvas

Brands are connecting with people on X in unique and creative ways. And so can you.

Audience targeting

You want your message to be heard by the right person. Let X’s targeting capabilities help.

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