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How stc used Twitter to share a message of togetherness for Ramadan 2020

Key Results


Brand favourability

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The opportunity

During Ramadan 2020, stc (@stc_ksa) wanted to share a message of togetherness, while showcasing its telephone, fintech, and entertainment services, and identified Twitter as the perfect platform on which to share it.

The strategy

Ramadan is a time where brands emphasise key themes of generosity and connection. This year, as COVID-19 caused disruption around the world, @stc_ksa worked with their media agency UM to deliver an uplifting message to its audience across Saudi Arabia.

The campaign kicked off with a Promoted Spotlight Trend, which placed the key creative and hashtag #رمضان_حي (#RamadanIsLive) at the top of Twitter’s Explore tab, giving it maximum exposure over a 24-hour period.

@stc_ksa followed this with themed Promoted Videos showcasing the values of Ramadan. These videos built upon the narrative and extended the campaign’s reach. The message of togetherness was then amplified and sustained through the holy month with a series of Promoted Tweets.

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Generate mass awareness with Promoted Trend Spotlight.

@stc_ksa launched a Promoted Trend Spotlight on the eve of Ramadan, tapping into the conversation with an uplifting and motivational message.



Use Promoted Video to engage your audience.

With strong creative, @stc_ksa focused on the core essence of Ramadan as a month of giving, generosity, and spirituality, amplifying its message through a series of Promoted Videos.



Build and sustain the conversation.

Having raised awareness, @stc_ksa continued the conversation through Ramadan with Promoted Tweets, which kept the message of togetherness top of mind.

The Success

The Promoted Trend Spotlight saw a total of 29.8 million impressions, with 70% of the total video views across all channels generated by Twitter. Overall, the campaign drove a 5.9% uplift in brand favourability.

Twitter has been the epicentre for information since Covid-19 became a global issue. As the nation was increasingly hunting for information during the first lockdown, it became apparent that Twitter would form an important component in our media strategy.

Nadeem Ibrahim, Digital Director KSA, UM

Solutions Used

How stc used Twitter to share a message of togetherness for Ramadan 2020

Audience targeting

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How stc used Twitter to share a message of togetherness for Ramadan 2020

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