Case Study

How Ubisoft got Twitter users locked and loaded for The Division 2’s UK launch

Key results

total reach across all campaigns

In-Stream Video Ad views

cost per view

The opportunity

Ubisoft wanted to build buzz among avid gamers in the run-up to the launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (@TheDivision_UK), the latest installment in the brand’s franchise of online action role-playing games. The goal was to reach a target audience of avid #gamers to not only inform them of the game’s impending release, but to sustain hype by giving them a chance to try it out pre-launch via access to beta gameplay.

The strategy

@TheDivision_UK used a variety of Twitter products throughout the campaign to drive awareness and sustain engagement. These included Promoted Video and First View to drive a major teaser push, as well as a customised, branded emoji to ensure conversations stood out in timelines. A Heart to Remind campaign told gamers when they could jump into early gameplay access via the beta, which is highly valued by the gaming community. 

Pre-roll sponsorships were used with Sky Sports, which help build further interest. Finally, Promoted Video snippets featuring compelling creative and effective CTAs directed interested players to where they could purchase the game direct from Ubisoft.

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Use a comprehensive Twitter Ads product strategy.

Ubisoft deployed a full suite of Twitter products to reach its audience at various phases of The Division 2’s rollout. Through Promoted Videos, In-Stream Video Ads, and Heart to Remind, the campaign drove gamers from awareness through conversion by purchasing the game at launch.


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The success

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Solutions used

Creative Canvas

Brands are connecting with people on X in unique and creative ways. And so can you.

Launch something new with video

Break through and raise awareness – fast. Reach your audience at the right moment: when they’re most receptive to ads.

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