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LexusKSA links with premium content providers to build awareness during Ramadan

Key results


video views

higher view rate*

The opportunity

The holy month of Ramadan is a key time in the region for brands to get the message out and communicate with customers. As part of this, Lexus Saudi Arabia (@LexusKSA) wanted to build awareness around the concept of people coming together during the festival. In this case, @LexusKSA felt it would be a good time to focus on the top end of the funnel and drive awareness among people who were less familiar with Lexus.

The strategy

To achieve this, @LexusKSA decided to partner with Aram TV (@aramshows), one of Twitter’s premium publisher partners in KSA. @aramshows created a custom clip for Lexus that included product placement and ran on @aramshows@LexusKSA promoted the video to its target audience in KSA, with the campaign focused on video views and awareness.

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Time it right.

The campaign was launched in a timely manner during Ramadan, with a relevant message to people on Twitter.


Make it relatable.

The video and storyline were very relevant and relatable to the Saudi audience, showing how a typical Saudi family gets together during Ramadan, and helping to increase positive sentiment.

The success

The ad ran on @aramshows and was targeted at Lexus’s typical audience with a family-focused storyline that was relevant to people in KSA, particularly during Ramadan. As a result, @LexusKSA saw an 11% increase in  video views compared to the average view rate in the region for an auto campaign.

*Compared to the average view rate for auto in the region

Through Twitter's In-Stream Video Sponsorship partners, we were able to build custom branded content and elevate our brand messaging of togetherness during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mohammed Ziad Murad, Digital Marketing General Manager, Lexus KSA

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