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Lloyds Bank uses Twitter to connect with customers’ emotions

Key results

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The opportunity

A new UK-wide advertising campaign featuring the return of its iconic black horse gave Lloyds Bank (@AskLloydsBank) the opportunity to use Twitter to connect with a new generation of customers getting ready to make their next big life decision.

The strategy

Using the hashtag #ForYourNextStep, the campaign built emotional links with audiences by offering support and advice connected to key moments in their lives, from marriage to home ownership. Through a combination of engaging and targeted content, @AskLloydsBank drove meaningful interactions with customers and increased positive sentiment for its brand.

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Connect through targeted content.

@AskLloydsBank connected directly with different audiences through a series of highly targeted images aimed at customers embarking on the next big steps, such as buying their first home, selling their current home or having a baby.


Make your TV ad go further with Promoted Video.

Promoted Video showing clips of its new TV ad featuring the iconic black horse helped @AskLloydsBank drive engagement and increase awareness for its creative campaign amongst Twitter followers.


Give a peek behind the scenes.

@AskLloydsBank appealed to Twitter audiences by sharing a series of short and engaging behind-the-scenes videos. Theses showed how the black horse was trained on the set of its new TV ad. Including a Twitter Amplify post-roll helped boost brand awareness.

The success

@AskLloydsBank achieved its goal of using promoted content to reach and engage with customers on Twitter by receiving 4.1 million video views, at a cost per view of £0.02, and 244,000 Tweet engagements. Overall, the #ForYourNextStep campaign achieved a 37.02% engagement rate and 23.3 million impressions. People who engaged with the campaign were five times more likely to recall an @AskLloydsBank Tweet and were twice as likely to build a positive association with the #ForYourNextStep hashtag.

Amplifying our new #ForYourNextStep campaign on Twitter gave us the opportunity to interact and engage with our target audiences and build a distinctive position. We’re delighted with the results and will be using this as a basis for Twitter campaigns going forward.

Vicky Handley, Senior Marketing Manager, Lloyds Bank

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