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Renault uses Twitter to announce their new car model

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The French automotive manufacturer Renault (@renault_fr) wanted to compete in the highly competitive crossover sector and released Kadjar, the name of its new model in this category.

In this context, Renault wanted to garner the interest of a younger target audience aged 30–35 (in comparison with the target audience for Kadjar communications globally) and generate conversations about the model.

Ultimately, the brand's objective was two-fold:

  • Brand awareness of the vehicle and launching its name
  • Engagement with the marketing strategy


With the support of the agency We Are Social (@wearesocialfr), Renault France established a communications strategy on Twitter with multiple short and long-term objectives, using a variety of formats (videos, images, Website Cards) and tailoring its approach to relate to the target audience.

The keys to success

1. Reveal the name.

Ahead of the commercial launch of the Kadjar model, revealing its name played a significant part in the success of and engagement with the campaign.

This first stage of the campaign was shaped by the use of videos designed for social media and mobiles.

Thanks to targeting that was tailored to content, promoted videos could be shared with the right audience.

2. Release the new product and its name with a strong commercial launch.

Image and brand awareness were the main objectives of the Kadjar commercial launch, which had a "blast" effect. In response to this requirement, Renault France used a promoted trend, accompanied with a Tweet containing a video taken from their TV advert presenting the model. In synergy with the TV campaign on Twitter, Renault France could work with an incremental GRP of their target audience.

As well as the video, Renault France used the full range of Twitter formats and adapted these to each wave of its campaign, particularly website cards, for a surge in traffic and leads.

3. Lengthen the experience by establishing the territory of the brand.

To follow engagement with the new Kadjar model, Renault France created the hashtag #KadjarSpots (Kadjar adverts), which used the concept of a competition to present the realm of the vehicle within the context of Internet users' main interests.

Videos filmed by drones meant the Internet users were inspired by the different realms of #KadjarSpots (Kadjar adverts).


There were four key factors to the campaign's success:

  • Video formats were adapted for social media and mobile phones
  • The integration of innovative technology
  • The use of multi-media, which falls in line with their objectives
  • Using a hashtag as a way to engage with the user's main interests

Renault France took real advantage of Twitter's format to attract a younger target audience, helping the manufacturer work towards its short and long-term objectives for brand awareness. The campaign was a great success, with an average engagement rate of 8.44% and the cost per view at €0.04. Ultimately, the launch generated +92% in brand awareness and +62.5% in preference among those who engaged with the brand on Twitter (in comparison to those who were not exposed to the brand).

"Videos on Twitter are both an incredible creative canvas and a powerful tool for launching products on a large scale."

–Sandrine Plasseraud (@Sandrine), Managing Director France, We Are Social

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Twitter is a real tool for engaging people and generating experiences. That is why we integrate the platform in each of our campaigns, particularly our 360° brand activations, which combine a powerful reach with a presence on the ground.

Valérie Candeiller, Directeur Publicité France, Renault

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