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Samsung turns launch into an event with Twitter Takeover

Key Results

Organic trending
Prior to launch

Notifications signups

Brand mentions

The opportunity

In South Africa, Samsung launches always spark excitement, and the new Galaxy S22 was no exception. Ahead of its arrival as part of the #SamsungUnpacked event, @SamsungMobileSA set out to create an online experience that would fuel interest in the Galaxy S22 and turn a global launch into a locally relevant event.

The strategy

Twitter became an essential part of the Galaxy S22 strategy in South Africa. The platform had previously excelled at meeting the brand’s two key objectives for flagship launches: optimising brand mentions and making content locally relevant.

To achieve this, @SamsungMobileSA used Brand Notifications to build a first-to-know audience who would receive personalised notifications and a link to the #SamsungUnpacked event. It combined this with Conversation Cards to engage and drive interactions and brand mentions.

These tactics, paired with a thoughtful localisation of the global creative, helped @SamsungMobileSA achieve local relevance and trend organically in the days leading up to the launch.

On the day of the #SamsungUnpacked event, a three-day multi-Takeover strategy was rolled out to drive maximum impact on the Timeline. The combination of Timeline Takeover and Trend Takeover boosted awareness and brand mentions across the board.

To conclude the campaign, Video Website Cards were used to highlight the Galaxy S22’s key features and direct users to the online store.

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Build 1:1 relationships with Branded Notifications

@SamsungMobileSA built a first-to-know audience that received personalised updates ahead of the launch.



Maximise brand mentions with Conversation Cards

@SamsungMobileSA’s followers were more inclined to share their excitement for the new GalaxyS22 with Conversation Cards.



Own the conversation with Twitter Takeover

Combining Timeline Takeover and Trend Takeover allowed @SamsungMobileSA to maximise awareness and brand mentions during the first 72 hours of launch.

The results

The launch campaign for the Galaxy S22 led by a multi-Takeover strategy helped @SamsungMobileSA generate 12M impressions and 43K+ mentions during its first 72 hours. The pre-launch stage was a huge part of this success as Branded Notifications drove 2.3K people to sign up for personalised updates.

Every flagship is an event, but for the launch of the Galaxy S22, the combination of local partnership with AdDynamo and the top-quality creative from HQ, we were able to create a campaign that had local relevance with global quality creative. We were also able, with two Takeover Trends, to reach 23K+ mentions the day after #SamsungUnpacked, exceeding the 20K+ on the day.

Germari Coertze, digital marketing manager, Samsung South Africa

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