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How food brand Saudia boosted discussions through capturing the right Twitter moment

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In 2020 Saudi Arabia played host at the G20 summit for the first time. Leading Saudi food brand Saudia (@SaudiaME) grasped the opportunity to align itself to this moment.

@SaudiaME chose Twitter to connect with its Saudi audience by celebrating its brand heritage and Saudi national pride – in the hope of generating a buzz around the @SaudiaME name and fueling brand equity.  


As an all-Saudi brand, @SaudiaME looked to tap into a broad, patriotic audience across the nation, raise brand awareness and drive conversation. For the first step of the campaign, it was important for @SaudiaME to connect with every member of the Saudi family unit. It launched a Promoted Video consisting of a series of short stories showcasing each of its products. The video campaign was further amplified on TV, alongside the Twitter launch.

Having created awareness with the video, @SaudiaME wanted to drive conversation on Twitter, so it created the campaign’s conversational hashtag السعودية_فخرنا#, which translates as #SaudiaOurPride. The hashtag was launched via a series of Promoted Tweets. 

For the final stage of the campaign, @SaudiaME leveraged Promoted Trend Spotlight and ‘owned’ Twitter’s #Explore tab in the week running up to the G20 summit. The end-goal was to unleash a resounding roar of conversation across Saudi Arabia. 


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Tailor the creative

@SaudiaME aimed to tap into national pride at the perfect moment, sparking generation-wide conversation about @SaudiaME’s major products.



Drive conversation

@SaudiaME kept the spark going with a series of Promoted Tweets around the hashtag السعودية_فخرنا# (#SaudiaOurPride).



Maximise the message

In the run up to the G20 summit, @SaudiaME harnessed the power of combining First View with Promoted Trend Spotlight to take the top spot on Twitter’s #Explore tab for a full 24 hours.


The @SaudiaME campaign was a huge success. The campaign hashtag reached 34K mentions in one day, and more than 100K users watched the 50-second Promoted Video to the end. On top of this, the video achieved a grand total of 9.9 million views with the help of Promoted Trend Spotlight, with the overall View Through Rate (VTR) clocking in at 45.06%.  

With Twitter’s solutions, and specialty of the campaign and slogan, we connected with fans in a unique way that built strong engagement, reaching new records.

Mahdi AlHusseini, Head of Marketing, SADAFCO

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