Case Study

Stella Artois serves up strong brand associations with a Twitter sponsorship

Key results

uplift in ad recall

uplift in consideration

uplift in favourability

The opportunity

As the official beer sponsor of The Championships, Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) gave Stella Artois UK (@StellaArtoisUK) the chance to strengthen its association with one of the most prestigious occasions on the British sporting calendar, and helped it become the most talked-about beer of the summer.

The strategy

With 64% of tennis enthusiasts taking to Twitter during big matches, @StellaArtoisUK decided to use an In-Stream Sponsorship to tap into the buzz and own the conversation. By placing sponsored content at the start of @Wimbledon live streams and highlight videos, @StellaArtoisUK aligned itself with the best action from the tournament and put the brand at the forefront of viewers’ minds. 

Alongside sponsored content, @StellaArtoisUK introduced Conversational Cards to strengthen brand associations and get people talking, as they asked tennis fans to Retweet their views on some of Wimbledon’s most heated debates, such #MurrayMound versus #HenmanHill.

@StellaArtoisUK added the #StellaWimbledon hashtag and a custom clinking beer glass emoji to Promoted Tweets to boost the conversation. While the classic #JoieDeBière hashtag helped to maintain a continental flavour.

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Build brand associations with an In-Stream Sponsorship.

By using In-Stream Video Ads and effective audience targeting, @StellaArtoisUK put itself at the centre of the action and became the beer that is synonymous with Wimbledon.


Boost engagement with Conversational Cards.

@StellaArtoisUK took engagement to a new level by using Conversational Cards to get tennis fans talking.


Enhance the conversation with a custom emoji.

Launching a custom clinking beer glass emoji helped @StellaArtoisUK bring a fun, playful element to the conversation, and further strengthened brand associations.

The success

Partnering with @Wimbledon on Twitter boosted awareness and positive brand associations for @StellaArtoisUK throughout the tournament, with a 13% increase in ad recall, a 7% lift in consideration amongst engagers and a 9% lift in favourability amongst video viewers. The #StellaWimbledon Conversational Cards also saw a significant boost in engagement, achieving a 2.55% engagement rate.

We used Twitter to amplify our partnership with @Wimbledon and be the most talked-about beer brand during summer. Twitter was effective in enabling us to join the national conversation and establish strong brand associations during this much-loved cultural event.

Lucas Rocha, Digital Planning Manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev

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