Case Study

Cultivating better cities with
MINI and Twitter conversations

Key Results

Video views

Cost per completed view

Video view rate (vs previous campaigns)

The Opportunity

MINI (@MINI) turned to Twitter to catalyse conversation around its URBAN-X  (@urbanxaccel) incubator programme - a venture accelerator for startups looking to reimagine city life.  Together they set out to launch the ‘Love the City/Hate the City’ campaign, boosting awareness of its work developing more sustainable, resilient, and vibrant cities.

The strategy

The ‘Love the City/Hate the City’ campaign set out to amplify awareness of @urbanxaccel’s work among urban changemakers, global city residents and entrepreneurs.  

Launching in Germany, Spain and Italy, @MINI commenced the campaign with a thought-provoking question – do you love or hate the city? Conversation buttons prompted people to spread the campaign message to their followers. Campaign reach and engagement grew as audiences weighed in with their opinions on how cities could be improved. 

@MINI then launched the second phase of the campaign with a series of video ads across the three markets, detailing the work that @urbanxaccel does to help improve cities around the world. To optimise impact, @MINI ran A/B testing in each market, comparing the performance of videos optimised for 15 second vs 3 second views. It was quickly deduced that optimising for 15 second views was both more effective and cost efficient, with significant improvements across all metrics.

@MINI wanted to deepen the audience’s understanding of @urbanxaccel’s work from surface level to in-depth. To achieve this, the final phase brought the deployment of Carousel Ads, driving users to the @MINI landing page. Here, the audience enjoyed longer form content, including a hero video and details of four start-ups supported by @urbanxaccel

  • Kfz
  • Deutschland


Catalyse the conversation

By using Conversation Buttons, and picking a provocative question, @MINI quickly engaged the desired audience and livened up the timeline.



Test formats

By running A/B testing on its video ads, @MINI was able to quickly identify which bid type (15s vs 3s) was most effective and cost efficient.



Drive traffic

To further educate the audience, @MINI used Carousel Ads to drive traffic to its landing page, where users could find more details about the project.

The Success

The inspiring ‘Love the city/Hate the city’ campaign was a great success. The high-performing video content achieved a total of 8 million views and a video view rate of 56% - outperforming @MINI's historic video view rate by 43%. The cost per completed view came in at €0.01, while, the cost of engagement also remained low throughout the campaign, averaging at €0.16 per engagement. This laddered up to a highly efficient campaign that smashed its primary goal: to raise awareness of @urbanxaccel.

We turned to Twitter as it offered the right fit of audience, engagement options and optimization mechanics for this campaign. The results prove that it was a great match.

Dr. Jens Raskop, Head of Digital Marketing at MINI

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