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How DW Türkçe’s talk show took over Twitter

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The Opportunity

Deutsche Welle’s Turkish language channel DW Türkçe (@dw_turkce) set out to attract more viewers to its show Nevsin Mengü Soruyor - and looked to Twitter to amplify engagement. As the show is streamed live on Twitter, a Twitter Takeover was a natural step to drive engagement, increase its following and spotlight the show.

The strategy

As the home of conversation online, Twitter was the perfect platform to get people talking about Nevsin Mengü Soruyor. Strategising for a day of Twitter domination to coincide with broadcast, @dw_turkce implemented a three-tier plan. The goal: to create discussion in the 24-hour run up to each episode. 

Phase one saw the announcement with a teaser clip featuring the show’s host, Nevsin Mengü. Then came a cartoon from renowned Turkish cartoonist Serkan Altuniğne, teasing the next episode’s guest of the singer Haluk Levent. By leveraging Twitter Takeover for the announcement, @dw_turkce drove mass awareness and generated questions for the live show.

Phase two saw the activation of the live stream. Nevsin Mengu Soruyor took centre stage on Twitter thanks to the powerful combination of the Twitter Livestream with the 24-hour Takeover.  

The final phase focused on sustaining the conversation after the live event. @dw_turkce released highlight clips, provoking discussion with the hashtag #NevsinMenguSoruyor. The hashtag featured as the promoted trend for the day, appearing at the top of the Twitter Explore tab.

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Tease the audience

@dw_turkce invited audience participation, driving interest and conversation ahead of the live stream by teasing the upcoming live broadcast and personalities involved.



Harness the power of livestream

@dw_turkce put the show in the spotlight with Twitter live-stream, taking advantage of its vast audience and powerful engagement tools.



Sustain the conversation

@dw_turkce kept the conversation going after the show with highlight clips, encouraging the use of #NevsinMenguSoruyor.

The Success

The Twitter Takeover was a huge success, with 29.5M Trend Takeover Impressions in the 24 hour period that the takeover was live  and a total of 1.6 M Video Views. @dw_turkce got Tweeters talking with #NevsinMenguSoruyor mentioned 5.7k times throughout the day, gaining @dw_turkce 2.4k new followers. This engagement had a tangible impact too, with part of the show ultimately shaped by the questions generated by an engaged audience.

The Twitter Takeover guaranteed us extremely high visibility for the brand @dw_turkce and the talk show Nevsin Mengü Soruyor. Above all, the numerous participation of the audience in the run-up brought us a high interaction rate for the account as well as high-quality input in terms of user questions for the show itself.

Jörg Bredenbeck, Senior Marketing Manager, Deutsche Welle

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