A safer X is a better X

From policies to products to partnerships, we’re making X a safer place for both people and brands.

It’s our goal as an industry to create the safest possible environment for the people that use our platforms, engage with our media, and connect with our brands, to contribute to a longer lasting and more profound impact on brand safety.

Through our policies, products, and partnerships, we’re already seeing progress happen, and we’ll continue to invest in brand safety to make X a safer place for all. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Key stats


of X Amplify videos sampled met GARM's brand safety standard.

Source: OpenSlate, April 2021 commissioned by X. 455,000 videos reviewed.

< 0.1%

total impressions on violative posts out of all posts, globally.

Source: X Transparency Report, July 1 through December 31 2020 


increase in the number of accounts actioned for violations of our violence policies. 

Source: X Transparency Report, Jan-June 2021

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