X’s the roar of the stadium. Get in the game.

Live sports are back and sports fans on X couldn’t be more pumped. Without packed arenas or sports bars, X is the roar of the stadium. It’s the go-to place for sports’ most passionate fans to get the latest news, enhance their viewing experience, or just stay connected to the game. This is a historic cultural moment: action-starved sports fans are talking about every major sport in a once-in-a-lifetime frenzy, and it’s time to join the conversation.

So while stadiums might be quiet, X certainly won’t be. Are you ready to step up to the plate? With inspirational success stories and fresh insights and perspectives, consider this your playbook to get started.

Key results


rise in sports posts

Source: X Internal Data. US Only. Time Period: June 2020 Avg. vs May 2020 Avg. Data retrieved June 22, 2020.


YoY in MLB opening weekend post volume

Source: X Internal Data (Semantic Core). Global. Comparing 3/27/19-3/31/19 vs. 7/23/20-7/26/20. Data retrieved 7/27/20.


increase in the average number of daily NFL-related posts

Source: X Internal Data, US only. Time period: June 2020 avg. vs. May 2020 avg. Data retrieved June 22, 2020.


increase in NBA post volume reopening weekend compared to 2019 Christmas games

Source: X Internal Data (Semantic Core). US only. 12/25/19 - 12/28/19 vs. 7/30/20 - 8/2/20. Data retrieved 8/3/20.

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