Video is happening on X

If it’s happening in the world, people are watching it on X.

People and fans of all kinds turn to X as a second screen to TV, and the first scroll for highlights of TV’s biggest moments, or anything they missed on linear. As audiences watch more and more TV-related content on X, brands have more opportunities to connect by surrounding that content with X Amplify.

X Amplify is a measurable, brand-safe solution that helps connect your brand with premium, relevant, and timely video content from top-tier publishers on X.

It’s the perfect extension to your media plan: X Amplify provides your brand with incremental reach to your linear TV campaign — So while cultural moments play out on both TV and the Timeline, your brand doesn’t miss a moment, or a view. 

Key results


increase in daily video views Q1 2021 vs. Q1 2022

Source: X Internal, U.S. 2021-2022


increase in video watch time on X from 2020 to 2021

Source: X Internal, U.S. 2020-2021


incremental reach to TV across all measured campaigns (ages 18-24)

Source: Nielsen Total Ad Ratings Meta Analysis commissioned by X; 34 measured Twittter & TV campaigns run in the U.S. from 1/19/2021 - 12/28/2021


of social media users surveyed visit X to watch content on a daily basis because of the variety.

Source: X Insiders, X is a Video Destination Survey, April 2022, U.S.


of TV content viewers prefer watching content on X. 48% in real time.

Source: X Insiders, CES Study 2021. Stat represents users of 3 or more social platforms per month.


of X users like when brands join the conversation surround TV shows.

Source: X Insiders Entertainment Study, n=1,154, all of whom have watched award shows in the last 12 months, July 20-26, 2021

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