The Conversation: It’s a match made on Twitter

December 14, 2021


People on Twitter are ready to date again — and they’re downloading apps to make those connections.

After more than a year of staying at home, people are pouring their hearts out on Twitter, and the message is clear: They’re craving IRL connections in the new year. And they’re downloading dating apps to get there. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to connect to the dating conversation. Let’s explore what the talk on Twitter reveals.

People are going steady with the idea of in-person dates

Conversations about dating are heating up on Twitter, with a 65% uptick versus 2019 — a significant increase from pre-pandemic levels. People are ready to take things offline as the conversation shifts from virtual dates to IRL connections. The talk gives us a sign that 2022 will be filled with more dates, gifts, and in-person interactions.

The Tweets are full of good vibes

A deep dive into the conversation hints that people are feeling good about getting back out there. And we truly mean out there — as growth in keywords like “public” and “bars” are a sign that people want to leave their homes again. Also, it’s clear that the talk revolves around human connection and positivity this year.

People on Twitter are swiping for dating apps

And how are people seeking out those IRL connections? Through dating apps. In fact, there have been 110K Tweets about downloading dating apps this year alone.

The Tweets about dating apps are coming on strong

And if people aren’t downloading dating apps, they’re Tweeting about them. Whether they’re comparing or discussing experiences they’ve had, the conversation about dating apps happens around the clock on Twitter.

People on Twitter are ready to be wooed. Is your brand ready to help them connect?

Whether they’re getting ready for dating IRL or downloading more dating apps, people on Twitter are out here and ready for connection. And while the dating conversation continues to flourish, leading to more dating app downloads, dates, gifts, and life events — is your brand finding ways to reach people along their journey to find connection with others?

@YellaaMami I'm so ready to go on dates again

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