The Conversation: It's a touchdown on Twitter

November 15, 2021


For football fans, It’s always game day on Twitter.

Football brings the heat (despite the fall temps), drawing the attention of the nation and giving people lots to talk about. And the conversation continues to score big on Twitter. People are punting Tweets before, during, and after the game and finding new ways to stay connected to what’s happening. Let’s kick off an exploration on what the talk on Twitter reveals about these fans.

As stadiums fill, the roar of the crowd is still loud on Twitter

Football fans are enthusiastic — and the fans on Twitter aren’t any different. With a huge increase in Tweets about College Football and NFL (during the pre-season), it’s safe to say that the conversation is turned up.

The fans are going to College (Football)

We see this especially within the College Football conversation — where there’s been a 35% year over year jump in unique authors. It’s clear the talk continues to sweep the nation.

The Tweets don’t call a timeout

From kickoff to the final play, it seems fans can’t stop talking about the game. When they think it, they Tweet it — in fact, this year there’s been an 11% increase for in-game Tweeting about the NFL (from last year).1

But it’s not only about football 

Football fans Tweet about more than just football. From beer to music, they show a wide range of interests. And if you look at the trending topics within the football conversation, chances are you’ll find your brand’s audience here.

Fans are finding new ways to tackle the game while other methods are here to stay

As fans are discovering new ways to take in the game and surrounding conversation, the talk around sports betting and fantasy football continues to grow. You can be sure there’s no interference when it comes to fans staying engaged with football.

They’re not just talking about the game, they’re watching the action, too

Over half (51%) of all sports video views on Twitter are on NFL-related content.2 Plus, there’s a 114% increase in College Football-related video views on Twitter year over year. The game plan for football fans is clear: Absorb as much game-related content as possible.

The football conversation continues to score on Twitter. Is your brand joining the game?

Whether they’re finding new ways to keep up with the game or Tweeting about their fantasy football picks, people on Twitter are sharing their love for the sport. With the football conversation at an all-time high, is your brand listening to the play by play?

@DMAC_LA "The NFL has been so litty this season"

1Twitter Internal Data. Comparing Tweets from Sept 1st, 2020 - Sept 30th, 2020 to Sept 1st, 2021 - Sept 30th, 2021. US Only.

2Twitter Internal Data. Video views on Tweets from Aug 1st, 2021 - Sept 30th, 2021. US Only.

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