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Holidays, where you at?

No, the holidays are not canceled. Here's why.

People are determined to make the holidays special. So, let’s unwrap the talk on Twitter and see what they’re planning. And what they need from brands.

'Tis the season to be Tweeting

After a long 2020, people are seeing holiday conversation in their timelines like never before. From gifts to virtual get-togethers, everyone’s craving the warm vibes the season brings.

+59% increase in impressions for holiday-related Tweets, year over year

Retail therapy? Yes, please.

Whether you’re giving or receiving, holiday gifts always bring smiles. In fact, 72% of people on Twitter say the perfect gift brings joy.1 And this year, even the smallest treat can go a long way.

Trending topics in holiday Tweets, year over year

Getting back to basics

Frivolous is out, practical is in. All this time at home has given people a new appreciation for the simple things. Comfy clothes, a classic album, something for the kitchen — that’s the hot wish list.

Trending products in holiday gift Tweets, year over year

Black Friday goes digital

Shoppers took their business online in 2020. And that’s carrying over to holiday buying. Without wild midnight mall runs, retailers have a chance to get creative.

62% of people on Twitter plan to shop online for Black Friday

Holiday traditions are changing. Can brands help?

60% of people on Twitter expect this year’s holiday routines to change.2 And while some will eventually return to normal, this is a rare chance for brands to help create new traditions.

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Manasa Venkatesan (@manasa_tara) is a US research specialist for the Audience Insights team at Twitter. In her role, Manasa delivers data-driven ideas and strategies for brands through audience and conversation insights.

Kelsey Capobianco (@kelseycapo5) is a US ad research analyst on the Marketing, Insights & Analytics team at Twitter. In her role, Kelsey delivers data-driven insights and strategies for brands using industry-known measurement solutions.


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November 10, 2020

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