The Conversation: ‘Tis the season to Tweet about the holidays

November 23, 2021


It’s beginning to sound a lot like the holidays on Twitter.

Dust off those holiday decorations and get ready for the most wonderful time of the year — since people on Twitter are already on it. They’re getting their reindeer in a row and planning to start their holiday shopping a little earlier this year. To help you catch up, we teamed up with AdAge Studio 30 to create a special edition of the Twitter Conversation Report and provide merry insights from the holiday conversation. Let’s explore what that talk revealed.

People on Twitter are already in the holiday (shopping) spirit

According to a recent Twitter survey, 37% of people on Twitter say that when it comes to holiday shopping they “will start this earlier than last year.”1 Wishful thinking or not, the Tweets back up the sentiment.

And they’re putting their money where their mouth is

Not only are they getting a head start on holiday shopping, but according to our survey, nearly 1.4x as many people on Twitter say they expect to spend more on holiday gifts this year compared to last year than those not on Twitter.2 And across categories, people on Twitter are feeling generous — they’re ready to shop.

Word at the North Pole is that your brand may come up in conversation

Within holiday-related Tweets, brand mentions have grown in recent years. Find creative ways to be a part of the conversation this season and make it on the ‘nice’ list.

Spread some cheer with Digital Creators

Digital Creators are gaining popularity within holiday-related Tweets. So this season, team up with them to get your message across. Remember, good things come from teamwork — even Santa’s got his elves.

People on Twitter are already spreading holiday cheer. Is your brand ready to join in the festivities?

Whether people are making their shopping list (and checking it twice) or soaking in some holiday-related content featuring their favorite Digital Creators, it’s clear that the holiday conversation is jingling loud and clear on Twitter. Contact your Twitter rep to stay on top of the latest holiday insights.

@hi_its_nicola "Y'all are gonna hate me but I'm almost done with Christmas shopping already."

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