The Conversation: Summer planning is heating up on Twitter

June 14, 2022


Here’s what the talk on Twitter tells us about people’s summer plans this year.

The sun is out, and summer fun is spreading all over Twitter as people get stoked for live music, seasonal style, and all the events that have been a year in the making. People are living life to the fullest this summer, and they’re sharing their excitement on Twitter. 

Plan for all the summer spectacles and find the best ways to connect with your fans.

The timeline is hot with summer anticipation and prep

Summer planning is at the heart of more conversations leading into this summer compared to last year. With seemingly limitless possibilities, now through September, find out what your audience is looking forward to and match their energy the entire way.

Catch the biggest waves of conversation in July

You guessed it: around the Fourth of July is when the conversation blows up to firecracker levels on Twitter. If you’re looking for ways to connect with your audiences, get to the party early and don’t miss out on the peak of summer conversation.

Summertime sees key topics rise to the top of the timeline

Across categories like entertainment, sports, and lifestyle, key topics rise to the top of conversation during the summer months. From blockbusters to baseball, each of these themes provide timely opportunities to connect with audiences as they discuss their summer favorites.

Attending or not — Tweets about festivals climb the charts all summer long

We’re seeing a 220% increase in conversations about music festivals during the summer, so we know that there’s still a deep love for live shows, flower crowns and all.1 Keep music fans top of mind so you can connect with passionate listeners discussing various artists and performances, no matter if they’re in attendance or not.

Get your brand ready to tap into all the hottest summer events

The party on Twitter continues all summer long, with a consistent string of major moments throughout the season. Mark your calendars for these key dates, from holidays to back to school, to ensure you are ready to connect with fans when they are most excited and active.

Twitter is where summer conversations shine. Make sure you’re making the most of the season.

Summer is already here; seize the opportunity to connect with people excited to share their experiences with friends and family on Twitter.

people jumping - Tweet with text "I can't wait for summer bc Twitter is so fun then"

1. Twitter Internal Data (Semantic Core). Comparing daily average Tweets about Festivals from January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021 to January 1, 2022 - May 1, 2022. US Only.

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