The Conversation: Wellness is a way of life on Twitter

July 26, 2022


Getting to know how people talk about their health.

The wellness conversation is connecting people all over Twitter who are seeking to be the best version of themselves. From exercise and nutrition to sleep and mindfulness, there are many facets of the health and wellness conversation — and people are turning to the timeline to help guide them on their individual journeys.

We partnered with Adweek for a special edition of the Twitter Conversation Report to discover how people are talking about health right now. Learn how you can inspire and motivate your fans as they seek wellness info on Twitter.

People are looking to Twitter for ideas on improving all aspects of well-being

Engagement within the wellness conversation is growing as people seek like-minded individuals for information and support as they improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These jumps in engagement show that the wellness conversation is resonating on the timeline, so consider what you can offer to people working towards healthier habits.

People are taking charge of personal health rather than waiting or reacting to life events

Motivation is a major factor in staying committed to a healthier lifestyle, and based on the growth in hashtags within the wellness conversation, people are taking a more active approach in seeking out resources on Twitter. Noting the ways in which people are informing and encouraging one another can help you pour on the positivity in an authentic way.

And more people are comfortable talking about mental health on the timeline

The conversation surrounding mental health specifically is one of the major ways that the larger wellness conversation is shifting — and it’s showing up big on Twitter. As mental health becomes a major public priority, listen to the conversation to understand how you can best connect with your audience and be an effective advocate for mental health awareness and resources.

Men now make up almost half of the wellness conversation on Twitter

While women are often thought of as dominating the wellness conversation, men are now equally engaged with health topics across the timeline. With this in mind, ensure that your approach to health and wellness isn’t only focused on one part of your potential audience.

However, men and women don’t always talk about wellness in the same way

When it comes to health and wellness, men and women tend to have different conversations, as we’ve seen that there are gender-specific topics and interests that help paint the full picture of the wellness space on Twitter. Knowing which topics engage men and women more will help you make authentic and meaningful connections with your audience.

Commit to empowering your audience and help promote better well-being

Keep up with the wellness discussion on Twitter and empower your fans as they expand their knowledge, seek support, and make a commitment to a healthier life.

Two people backpacking - Tweet "Here for the knowledge and fellowship of the Twitter fitness community. 2022 here we go. Let's do this together!"

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