How Twitter’s expanded video programming slate supports your marketing strategy

In a fragmented media environment, video on Twitter helps capture your audience's attention.

In today’s media landscape, consumers are in the driver’s seat. People consume content across multiple screens, giving them more control than ever before. As a marketer, this environment is a challenge. Brands need to find new ways to capture people’s attention, on their terms – and marketers are turning to video. In fact, 95% of brand and agency executives plan for live video to be an important part of their marketing strategies in 2018, according to a study by IBM Cloud Video and Brandlive. And, we’ve also seen video explode on Twitter.

Every day, people come to Twitter to discover what’s happening right now. The mindset of the audience on Twitter is extremely unique – these aren’t people who sit back and watch the world just scroll by. They’re engaged. They’re curious. On average, we see that people are +31% more likely to remember what they see on Twitter versus general online browsing. This research proves people on Twitter are 'always on' and receptive to new ideas1.

Video has become an important focus for us as we look to help people see, share, and influence their world. At the 2018 Digital Content NewFronts, we announced over 30 premium video content partnerships, across entertainment, lifestyle, news, sports, gaming, and beyond. These partnerships mean that publishers will deliver live and on-demand video clips to consumers, and give marketers more opportunities to reach a highly receptive audience.

Check out who we're partnering with, or read our press release for more information.

Download the Partner Profiles PDF

Twitter is the only place where conversation is tied to video and the biggest live moments, giving brands the unique ability to connect with leaned in consumers who are shaping culture. That’s our superpower.

Matthew Derella, Twitter Global VP of Revenue and Content Partnerships

Often times, the best perspective of what’s happening in the world is captured from these content partners: they’re already producing, covering, and shaping culture, news, sports, and entertainment. More and more marketers are focusing on the quality of the audience, on relevance, and on context. Because Twitter’s premium content programming is specifically designed for our platform, marketers can know we’re delivering content that their audience wants to see, share, and talk about.

To explore our video ads solutions, visit our solutions section, or check out our Video on Twitter Collection.

We're not guessing, we're listening. People tell us what they want to see with the conversations they share on Twitter. In the past year, we’ve really expanded our efforts with the best publishers and content creators in the world to bring a slate of programming that reflects those diverse content interests.

Kay Madati, Twitter’s Global Head of Content Partnerships

1Firefish & The Numbers Lab, 2016

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