Dear TV, Love Twitter

If it’s happening in the world, people are watching it on Twitter.

The video landscape is changing as people are watching video content in more places, and across more devices. With this fragmentation, viewers are becoming harder to reach. 

Even as content consumption behaviors evolve there's still a huge desire for premium video. But, people want an experience that is complementary to what they are watching on the big screen. 

Enter: Twitter Amplify.

Twitter Amplify is Twitter’s premium, brand-safe and measurable video solution. Serving as the ultimate compliment to your brand's video plans, Twitter Amplify pairs your brand with the most premium, timely publisher video content to reach your target audience, and helps extend your brand’s reach to incremental audiences.

Premium Publisher video content drives a deeper connection

As viewing behavior grows more fragmented, people are increasingly tuning into Twitter to watch videos to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world. In fact, we’ve seen a 34% YoY increase in watch time across videos on Twitter.1

During TV events and other big cultural moments, people are spending more time on Twitter while they’re watching live — and when they’re not.  According to our recent study, people on Twitter say that they actually pay more attention to what they’re watching when they’re on the platform at the same time, compared to those not on Twitter.2 In this moment, your brand can be there to enhance your audience’s TV viewing experience, by sponsoring the premium video content they’re watching on their second screen, Twitter.

Incremental audiences are within your reach

More people are watching video on Twitter than ever before.3 Whether they’re avid TV watchers coming to Twitter for live play-by-plays, or they’re discovering behind the scenes drama from a show they’re bingeing, Twitter Amplify helps brands reach audiences by delivering the video content they love. 

Connecting with your audience through video with Twitter Amplify can help create value for your brand. Twitter Amplify helps brands extend their reach incrementally to younger people (A18-24) by 31.9% against TV.4 Not only are you able to reach incremental audiences to your TV plans, you can drive results on brand metrics. According to our recent study, brands who use Twitter Amplify saw 2.2x higher brand favorability and 1.7x higher purchase intent versus non-feed premium platforms.5

If it's happening in the world, people are watching it on Twitter. Extend your TV plan to Twitter or launch a new video campaign to reach your audience where it all happens, with Twitter Amplify.

Doug Brodman (@DougBrodman) is Twitter's Director of North America Agency and Platform Solutions.

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April 20, 2021
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  • Video on Twitter
  • North America

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