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  • Mobile app growth
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Drive mobile app installs and re-engagements.

As an app marketer, driving installs is just the first step. But even if your app’s value is clear, it’s competing with over 3 million other apps for coveted space on the home screens of your target audience.

Whether you’re a startup in launch mode, a mobile-born brand or an established company new to the mobile space, X is the place where you can create a powerful, lasting connection with your app audience.

People come to X eager to discover what’s new — including mobile apps. Use our mobile app promotion tools to connect to this highly receptive audience where and when they’re looking for them.

Tell your app's story with our rich creative canvas, which uses exclusive social targeting signals to connect with a potential audience of more than 800 million people on X and across thousands of popular apps on the X Audience Platform.

X has everything you need to drive cost-effective app growth and re-engagement at scale.

Strategies to help you face this challenge

X Audience Platform

Easily extend your campaigns to reach both X users and non-X users on thousands of popular mobile apps.

Tailored Audiences

Target audiences created from your website visitor and/or CRM data. You may also import targeting groups from select audience partners.

Video App Card

Provide a rich video preview of your app experience while prompting users to install.

Attract high-converting site visitors.

Performance advertising in this new mobile era is challenging — the screens are small, the engagement patterns are different and many mobile users are still more comfortable converting on desktop. How can you meet the challenges of the mobile era and increase traffic and conversions on your site?

Use X Ads to turn mobile audiences into customers. Connect with your customers based on their interests in the moment, and inspire them to action with native, media-rich Promoted posts. Even if your customers ultimately convert on your site from a desktop computer, you'll have visibility into every cross-device conversion path. You can also extend your success and scale up your performance by running your X Ads campaigns across thousands of popular apps and sites.

Performance marketers who use X Ads have a unique advantage: real-time mobile data. X has the broadest visibility into interests and intent, across devices, apps, and sites. We have the unique ability to detect users' passions, wants, and needs, whenever and wherever they emerge. Our real-time mobile data lets you form a live connection with your customers in moments when they’re most receptive, and continually optimises your performance for increased conversions and return on investment.

Strategies to help you face this challenge

@Username Targeting

Connect with people based on the people and brands they follow.

Keyword Targeting

Reach people based on keywords in their recent posts and posts they recently engaged with.

Tailored Audiences

Target audiences created from your website visitor and/or CRM data. You may also import targeting groups from select audience partners.

Website Card

Use a native ad format to pair rich imagery with a call to action and drive site visits and conversions.

Website Tag

Place a snippet of code in the pages of your site and get detailed analytics for every conversion path, including cross-device.

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