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  • Audience targeting
  • Expanding reach

The most dynamic platform for your brand's story.

Connecting with an audience has never been more challenging for businesses. With just moments to capture attention before customers move onto the next thing, it's critical to connect to the passions and interests that matter most to them.

X’s entire creative canvas of ad formats — including video ads — help you tell a rich and relevant story to engage, inspire, and connect with your audience.

A variety of video ad formats command attention. With Promoted Video, you can share your best video assets with those who will be most interested and receptive to your brand.

With In-Stream Video Ads, you can run pre-roll video ads before content from 200 of the world's top publishers.

And during big events like the Olympics or World Cup, In-Stream Video Sponsorships help you reach your customers on the one platform where the world comes to connect with what's happening.

Ways to help you solve this challenge

@Promoted Video

Tell a rich brand story using innovative native video ad formats..

In-Stream Video Ads

Run pre-roll ads to align with premium, brand-safe videos your customers are already watching.

In-Stream Video Sponsorships

Build brand association by sponsoring the best video content from a single premium video publisher.

Branded Emoji

Express your brand’s personality and immediately make it a part of the conversation by adding a fun, visually appealing creative element whenever your hashtag is used on X.

Conversational Video Ad

Use the power of video and photos to drive deep engagement and sharing when you add a viral call to action to your video ad.

GIFs and Photos

Deepen your customer's engagement with your brand when you add fun GIFs to your posts and Direct Messages.

Reach people when and where it matters most.

People come to X to discover what’s happening in the world, to share information instantly, and to connect with people and businesses around the globe. With hundreds of millions of users and more than 500 million posts sent each day, there’s a steady pulse of conversation where people talk about their lives, their needs, their wants, and what they’re doing right now. Every single post is a signal of intent that creates an incredible story of a consumer’s life and what their interests are, what they’re doing, and what they’re searching for in their lives at that moment.

There are patterns that emerge around human behavior. People tell us when they’re hungry. Or when they’re in a new life stage, like starting a family or buying a new home. Who people follow and the posts they engage with paint a rich story of what they’re interested in, like a business or fashion icon.

As an advertiser, you only want to reach the right segment of the population — the people who care most about your brand and will be most receptive to your message. Targeting on X lets you reach the right people based on their expressed interests so you will always have the ability to connect with your audience when and where it matters most.

Ways to help you solve this challenge

Age or Gender Targeting

Reach people based on their age or gender.

@Username Targeting

Connect with people based on the people and brands they follow.

@Interest Targeting

Reach people based on their interests.

Tailored Audiences

Target audiences created from your website visitor and/or CRM data. You may also import targeting groups from select audience partners.

TV Targeting

Build upon your overall TV strategy by reaching people engaged with specific TV shows before, during, and after a telecast by network or by genre.

Event Targeting

Quickly and easily discover, plan for, and activate against events on X. Get started by looking at the events calendar at and then visit your ads dashboard.

Conversation Targeting

Easily target audiences based on the conversations they're actively participating in on X. Choose from over 10,000 conversation topics across 25 categories, such as sports, lifestyle, video games, books, and more.

Reach your most valuable audience at scale when it matters most.

Whether you’re launching a new product, kicking off a campaign, or telling a brand story, marketers need to break through the noise and maximize awareness.

We’ve built mass awareness solutions, First View and Promoted Trends, to help you maximize reach and connect with your most valuable audience during the moments that matter.

Ways to help you solve this challenge

Promoted Trends

Connect to the moments that matter to your valuable audience using Promoted Trends. The Promoted Trend is a 24-hour takeover that allows your brand to place a branded trend within the top trends list — the home of real-time discovery. Promoted Trends are a high-impact placement for your message which drives mass awareness, enables user discovery, and scales your campaign across X.

First View

Reach your valuable audience and capture their attention using First View, a premium, single-day, mass awareness ad package. First View provides advertisers with priority access to logged-in users’ first impression of the day, along with additional impressions delivered throughout the timeline to maximize awareness.

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